What’s More Biblical Than the Rapture Movie Left Behind? Christian Blogger Nominates Shrek and Austin Powers

Patheos blogger and Jesus follower Benjamin Corey wasn’t expecting much from the new Nicolas Cage end-times movie Left Behind. And at the Friday premiere, that’s exactly what he got, he says:

The movie was impressively horrible — infinitely worse than I had expected. As I said yesterday on That God Show, there’s some really compelling events in the pre-millennial view of eschatology, and you could make some incredibly entertaining movies about it. Unfortunately, this wasn’t one of them. Beyond being a movie with a lousy plot-line, cheesy stereotypes, and crappy special effects, the movie was simply unbiblical.

So Corey (who, full disclosure, is a good friend of mine) came up with a tongue-in-cheek list of 10 movies that are more biblical than Left Behind — including Shrek, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Wedding Crashers, and Austin Powers.

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Reza Aslan is Wrong About Islam and This is Why

This is a guest post written by Muhammad Syed and Sarah Haider (below). They are co-founders of Ex-Muslims of North America, a community-building organization for ex-Muslims across the non-theist spectrum, and can be reached at @MoTheAtheist and @SarahTheHaider.

This past week, a clip of Reza Aslan responding to comedian Bill Maher’s comments about Islamic violence and misogyny went viral.

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Co-Discoverer of Ebola Virus Says That Catholic Nuns’ Unclean Needles Were Responsible For the First Outbreak

Der Spiegel has an interesting and scary interview with Peter Piot, a medical researcher who was on the team that investigated the world’s first known Ebola outbreak, in 1976, and gave the illness its name.

Piot recalls how Ebola made its first wave of victims. Missionary Catholic nuns spread the disease through a stunning disregard for medical protocol:

“In their hospital they regularly gave pregnant women vitamin injections using unsterilized needles. By doing so, they infected many young women in Yambuku [in the Congo] with the virus… I can still see the Ebola patients in Yambuku, how they died in their shacks and we couldn’t do anything except let them die.”

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Can Atheism Offer Eternal Value?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses whether atheism can offer eternal value:

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Atheists Don’t Give a Damn About Carrie Underwood’s New Song

Here’s how desperate some Christians are to play victim.

There’s a new Carrie Underwood song out — which, let’s face it, you didn’t know until just now — and atheists everywhere hate it… That is, according to some conservative websites:

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