Richard Dawkins Reads Poetry That Inspired His Own Work

At his 70th birthday party, Richard Dawkins read a poem that appeared at the end of his autobiography Brief Candle in the Dark. It included several allusions to poets and poems that meant a lot to him.

Dawkins released a video yesterday in which he read the original poems which formed the basis for his own. So if you like classic poetry, this one’s for you:


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A New Short Documentary Shines a Light on the Plight of Bangladeshi Atheist Bloggers

Here’s a short documentary called Razor’s Edge about the crisis facing Bangladeshi bloggers who are critical of religion.

As regular readers of this site know, several of them (and their associates) have already been killed by Islamic radicals for promoting atheism.


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Here’s a Creationist Version of The X-Files

Imagine The X-Files as written by Creationist Ken Ham… and you’d have an episode where Mulder and Scully uncover the truth behind the existence of dinosaurs: They’re just part of some big conspiracy to keep people away from the Bible.



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Donald Trump Didn’t Say He Was an Atheist on a Talk Show in 1989

For some reason, this meme has been spreading around social media:


It features 1989-era Donald Trump on The Phil Donahue Show saying “I have a really high IQ, Phil. I mean, c’mon. It’s impossible for me to not be Atheist.”

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An Atheist Invocation in the Arizona House Led to a Massive Overreaction from Christian Politicians

Earlier today, a secular invocation in the Arizona State House was rebuked and challenged because it didn’t reference a Higher Power.


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