Assumptions About the Creation of the Universe

DarkMatter2525 posted this wonderful messes-with-your-mind video about the creation of the universe and how uncover our place within it:

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Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) Says Students Should Be Allowed to Pray in School, Not Realizing That’s Already Legal

Over the past week, I’ve written a couple of posts about the overreaching faith of Principal Albert Hardison of Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle School, part of the Caddo Parish Public Schools in Louisiana.

This is someone who openly praised God on the school’s website (he has revised it since the complaints began):

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Something is “Risen,” That’s For Sure…

Note to churches: If you want to advertise Easter services, it’s probably a bad idea to model your “commercial” off of ads for Viagra:

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Another Compilation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Best Arguments and Comebacks

Here’s another compilation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali‘s best arguments and comebacks. (The first part can be seen here.)

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In Downtown Chicago, a Catholic Group’s Easter Display Will Have Some Godless Company

If you visit Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago this weekend, be sure to check out these 8-foot banners promoting separation of church and state:

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