School Board Member Apologizes for Saying Atheists Can “Crawl Back Into Their Hellhole”

A couple of nights ago, at a meeting of the Millard School Board in Omaha, Nebraska, there was a push to rename winter break “Christmas break” by Board member Paul Meyer.


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Hypocrisy Alert: Ted Cruz Would Never Suggest We “Patrol and Secure” Christian Neighborhoods

When a few European Muslims committed atrocities in Brussels, at least one American politician started talking about targeting (completely unrelated) American Muslims to show how serious he was about fighting terror.

While Republican front-runner Donald Trump was returning to his familiar refrain of “bomb and torture,” fellow conservative presidential hopeful Ted Cruz wasn’t content with fantasizing about killing ISIS (or any civilians in the general region). Sure, he invoked carpet bombing, again, but he also set his sights on violating the civil liberties and religious freedoms of Americans who pray to the wrong God.


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New Phoenix (AZ) City Council Policy Allows Only Christian Chaplains to Give Invocation Prayers

After initially saying yes to The Satanic Temple delivering an invocation prayer at a meeting, the Phoenix City Council decided yesterday on a new policy limiting invocations to Christian chaplains.


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This Christian Mom’s Rapping is Almost as Bad as Her Anti-Transgender Message

Since bathroom use for transgender people is a big topic in the news right now, it makes sense that artists would want to weigh in on the controversy. Thankfully, MH Wiebe, a mother from Alberta, has put everyone else to shame with her new rap song “Gender Bender“:


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For the First Time, There Are More Atheists in Norway Than Believers

Congratulations, Norway!

The percentage of Norwegians who say they don’t believe in God has, for the first time, surpassed those who do. It’s 39% atheist, 37% believer, and 23% who don’t know, according to a survey of 4,000 people by the annual social-cultural study Norwegian Monitor:


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