Another Atheist Hacked to Death in Bangladesh (Three Others Were Injured)

For the fifth time since the beginning of the year, an atheist has been killed in Bangladesh.

We’ve already known about the deaths of Dr. Avijit Roy in February, Washiqur Rahman in March, Ananta Bijoy Das in May, and Niloy┬áNeel in August.

Now, 43-year-old Faisal Arefin Dipon (below) has been found dead in his office. He had put out some of Avijit Roy’s books as head of the Jagriti Prakashani publishing house.

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Joshua Feuerstein: Preventing Football Coach from Praying on Field Marks Start of “Christian Holocaust”

Vertical-video-addict Joshua Feuerstein was last seen yelling about how putting Kim Davis in jail meant the “Christian Holocaust” had begun.

He’s back this time to yell at us about how asking a public high school football coach to stop praying on the field means… um… the Christian Holocaust has begun. Again.

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“Graveyard of the Gods” at UW-Madison Reminds Students That All Gods Have an Expiration Date

As they do every year, the Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison put together a fantastic “Graveyard of the Gods,” reminding students of all the deities who were worshiped, believed in, and eventually forgotten.

The purpose is to get students thinking about when their God will join the ranks of the dead.

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All Ghost Stories Should Sound Like This

From the same people who went searching for Bigfoot earlier this year, enjoy this entertaining mockumentary-style ghost story:

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Members of Congress Are Defending the Praying Football Coach, but Here’s a Terrific Response

This week, dozens of politicians finally got around to doing something! Unfortunately, it involved right-wing Republicans making another symbolic gesture.

Members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus sent a letter to administrators in the Bremerton School District in support of I-Have-To-Pray-on-the-Football-Field Coach Joe Kennedy:

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