Message on Florida Pastor’s Church Marquee Compares Gay Scout Leaders to Predators

The Congregational Church — a Jesus-loving group of people, I assume — put a rather crude message on their Nokomis, Florida outdoor marquee:

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Deadly Malaysian Earthquake Was Caused by Naked Tourists, Says Government Official

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia on Friday. The death toll is already at 16 and it may go higher in the coming days. It’s a devastating tragedy so officials are trying to figure out if this is a natural disaster or something they could’ve prevented. And the answer they’ve stumbled upon is what happens when irrational thinking mixes with a desperate need for an explanation:

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Christian Girl Recites Slam Poetry All About Why We Need More Jesus in America

In the freakiest spoken word poetry you’ll ever hear, listen to a student talk about the need for God in America at the 2015 Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) International Convention in New Mexico:

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Why Heaven Wouldn’t Be That Great

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, explains why Heaven wouldn’t be that great.

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Woman Asks Psychics to Connect With a Dead Sister Who Never Existed… and (Surprise!) They All Do

Vice‘s Jackie Hong performed a simple experiment to test the claims of several psychics in Toronto: She conjured up a fake sister (“Emily”) who died of a car crash and asked the psychics to connect with her.

Of course, they all managed to do it. (Amazing, right?)

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