Diner Told (Once Again) That He Can’t Sue for Injuries Sustained While Praying Over Sizzling-Hot Fajitas

As far as bad ideas go, hovering over a skillet full of sizzling fried food, even if it is to commune with the divine, would certainly make the list… and credit goes to a prayerful diner in Burlington County, New Jersey for coming up with it.

In March of 2010, Hiram Jimenez ordered fajitas from an Applebee’s restaurant. When the food was brought out and set before him, he leaned forward to pray. That’s when things turned unpleasant.

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Oregon City Council Member Receives Death Threat After Opposing “In God We Trust” Display

Last month, I mentioned that Klamath Falls, Oregon was the latest city to considering putting an “In God We Trust” display in City Hall. But unlike most other cities, there was actually resistance from elected officials:

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A Texas High School Student Recorded His Principal Reciting Bible Verses During Morning Announcements

Every morning, students at White Oak High School in Texas hear their morning announcements… along with a daily Bible verse read by Principal Dan Noll.

If you’re thinking that sounds illegal… you’d be right. The 1963 Supreme Court case Abington School District v. Schempp put a stop to school-sponsored Bible readings and subsequent rulings have only affirmed that idea.

Even Texas should’ve caught up with the law by now.

How do we know this is going on?

A student at the school recorded the announcements three separate times over the past month and provided me with the audio, which you can hear below for the first time:

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Christine Weick, Who Denounced “Satanic” Monster Energy Drinks, Weighs In On “Stigmata Soda” On Tosh.0

[Caution: This post is possibly NSFW]

We’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of Christine Weick, the crazy Christian lady who warned last year that Monster energy drinks are the work of the devil. Weick, who has since drawn attention to herself and her faith in other questionable ways, appeared on comedian Daniel Tosh‘s eponymous TV show the other night. Not that she’s a big fan: the name Tosh, Weick says twice, is an acronym for “Taking Others Straight to Hell.”

But the two were (almost) cordial as Tosh bounced ideas for new, non-sacrilegious soft drinks off of Weick. Watch:

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Michigan Public School District Seeks Superintendent with “Strong Christian Background and Philosophy”

The McBain Rural Agricultural School district in northern Michigan is looking for a new Superintendent.

But none of you can apply because one of the requirements is a “strong Christian background and philosophy”:

Looks like that’s about to change, however, now that the ACLU is involved.

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