Bernie Sanders Is Proving You Don’t Have to Be Religious to Be Successful in U.S. Politics

Danny Westneat of the Seattle Times says that no matter who wins the Democratic Party’s nomination, we should all be thrilled with the success of Bernie Sanders.

Not just because he’s moved the party a little more to the left, but because he’s made it that much more acceptable for major party candidates to basically ignore religion as a campaign issue:


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American Atheists Will Appear on Tonight’s Full Frontal

If you attended CPAC earlier this month, and I can’t imagine many of you did since it’s the influential conference for right-wingers, you would’ve seen representatives from American Atheists trying to convince Republicans not to shut them out. In their mind, you could be an atheist and a small-c conservative.

It looks like there was a camera crew from Full Frontal following them around because Samantha Bee will be airing a segment tonight all about their presence.


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Responding to the Latest Unfair Accusation Against Sam Harris

Anyone who’s read Sam Harris‘ books or essays, or listened to his podcasts, knows one of his longstanding goals has been to get people to see what’s actually written in the Qur’an (and the Hadith). He doesn’t believe Islam is a “religion of peace” — as if any religion ever could be — though he readily admits many, many practicing Muslims are peaceful.

Now, in an attack written by Andrew Aghapour and Michael Schulson of Religion Dispatches, the authors ask whether Harris is a white supremacist.


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Creationist Ken Ham, in Ironic Tweet, Says Skeptics “Can’t Think Logically for Themselves”

Creationist Ken Ham actually said this:


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John Oliver Explains Why Donald Trump’s Wall Won’t Work on Any Level

Silly John Oliver, trying to debunk Donald Trump‘s Great Wall using facts and humor…

The Last Week Tonight host took another crack at Drumpf last night by exploring the actual policy issues surrounding the Wall. Will Mexico pay for it? (Not a chance.) How much will it cost? (Lots more than Trump says.) Will it work? (No.) And how will it affect Texans? (Just wait till you see the golf course!)


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