Republican Senator Urges Us to “Have a Sense of Perspective” Since Gay People in Other Countries Are Executed

In an interview on CNN on Wednesday, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton was asked to share his opinion of the controversy surrounding the Arkansas and Indiana so-called “religious freedom” bills. The Republican senator tried to sidestep the reason for the controversy — namely, that the bills in question essentially gave a free pass to discrimination for religious reasons — by remarking that in his state, “we believe in religious freedom.”

“Well everyone believes in religious freedom,” interviewer Wolf Blitzer responded. What, he pressed, was Cotton’s response to the “potential discrimination” that could stem from such laws?

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Christian Rapper Visits Two Public Schools to Talk About Jesus

The other day, I posted about a Louisiana school district (Caddo Parish Public Schools) that was constantly promoting religion. One example was this newsletter handed out to students at Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle School:

Curvine Brewington is a proselytizing rapper who apparently doesn’t want to wait for kids to come to him after school. He posted this on his Instagram page yesterday:

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Arkansas State Senator Can’t Decide Whether the “Religious Freedom” Bill He Sponsored Allows for Discrimination

Yesterday, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Arkansas State Senator Bart Hester, the sponsor of the state’s “religious freedom” bill. And Tapper wanted to figure out what the bill does. It wasn’t quite the Gov. Mike Pence on This Week debacle, but Hester, instead of giving no answer, gave multiple conflicting answers.

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FFRF Sends Letter to Georgia School District Following Eric Hovind’s Recent Creationism Presentation

A few days ago, I posted about how Creationist Eric Hovind had managed to obtain access to a public high school, where he gave a presentation promoting Creationism (even though he explicitly avoided saying that word or any religious term association with it) to a debate class. He claimed it was all about teaching “critical thinking” when, in reality, Creationism is all about accepting nonsense and avoiding evidence to the contrary.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Elizabeth Cavell sent a letter to the district yesterday wanting to know how this could have happened:

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Indiana’s RFRA Law is a “War Between Good and Evil,” Says Televangelist Who Forgot the Whole “Love the Sinner” Thing

It’s not surprising to hear a televangelist speak out in support of Indiana’s disastrous “religious freedom” bill. But to hear Matthew Hagee say so bluntly that this is really a battle between “good and evil” — guess which side gay people are on? — gives us quite a bit of insight into how evangelical Christians think:

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