Connecticut Town Takes Down Library Painting Because of Ludicrous Mother Teresa Copyright Claim

When regulars visit the public library in Trumbull, Connecticut, they may well notice that one of its paintings is missing.

The painting, which Dr. Richard Resnick donated to the library, shows Mother Teresa and other women marching, holding signs that say messages including “Planned Parenthood,” “Mission of Charity,” “Feed the Poor,” “Remember the Ladies,” “Hospital Reform” and “Right to Vote,” among others.

Trumbull officials have temporarily removed [the] artwork displayed at the public library over concerns that the use of Mother Teresa’s image in the painting infringes on copyright.

That’s absurd. Any artist may freely render an original likeness of any public figure, especially for non-commercial purposes. There are zero copyright issues here.

So I’m not terribly surprised to learn that the real problem may be totally unrelated to copyright.

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City of Windsor (Ontario) Says No to Flying Christian Flag Atop City Hall During March for Jesus

In 2012, the city of Windsor (Ontario) raised a flag atop city hall that had a large cross on it. There were some complaints as you might imagine and city officials did the right thing:

[Mayor Drew] Dilkens said raising the Jesus flag in 2012 was a mistake, and that some people complained to the city.

“It seemed to be an error at that time so when the city clerk reviewed it in future years she determined that it was a religious flag, and followed the policy which council approved.”

That’s how you know you’re in Canada: When there’s a church/state separation problem, they fix it.

But that didn’t stop Christians from trying again. And again. And again.

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UK Free School, Already Facing Closure, Found to be Promoting Creationism in the Classroom

The Durham Free School in the UK is an independent state-funded school (kind of like U.S. charter schools) even though it’s founded on “Christian values.” Earlier this year, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan ordered the school to be shut down after it was discovered that school officials cared *way* more about Christianity than the education it offered:

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Colorado State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt: Chapel Hill Muslim Victims Were Killed for Thinking Like Christians

Colorado State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt is no stranger to saying ignorant things, but his latest tirade is incredible. Not only does he accuse Craig Stephen Hicks of killing three innocent Muslim students because he was an atheist — a claim which is completely unfounded — he says that Hicks killed the Muslims because they were acting like Christians:

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Tax-Dodging Creationist Kent Hovind Is On Trial Again; Protesters Say the U.S. Only Targets Him Due To His Faith

You can’t tax Ken Hovind, because that’s like taxing God.

Pensacola evangelist Kent Hovind, known as Doctor Dino, has long maintained that all of his ministry’s finances and property belong not to him, but to God, and that the Almighty’s belongings are not subject to humanity’s tax laws.

Hovind is on record as saying that

“Some will say the Bible teaches us to obey the authority over us. I agree and I do. [But] the IRS is not the authority over me any more than the government of Japan is.”

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