Petition Urges Washington Officials to Investigate Donations to Mark Driscoll’s Former Church

I normally don’t post petitions on this site because, frankly, I don’t think they accomplish anything. (“In God We Trust” will not be taken off the currency because you clicked a few buttons. Sorry.)

But a petition posted last night by Stephanie Drury is worth talking about.

The focus is Pastor Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church — which he founded and lated resigned from in disgrace. The church has since dissolved.

Drury’s question is simple: What did they do with all the money they took in?


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Christian Blogger: Adult Coloring Books with Mandalas Open the Door to Demons

If you’re one of the 32984932423 people who bought an adult coloring book over the past year, it’s probably because you thought it was fun, relaxing, and a pleasant distraction from the stresses of the world.


That particular kind of pattern is called a “mandala.” It has a loose connection to the cosmos in some Indian religions, but most people don’t know or care about that. They just see it and think, “Ooh, pretty.”

Leave it to a Christian to ruin all the fun.

According to the blogger at The Last Hiker, Christians ought to “stay away from mandalas.”

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Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are Preferred by Racists and Other Bigots, Says Poll

After decades of dog whistles and thinly veiled racist references, open bigotry is having its day in the Republican Party. And which candidates are the primary beneficiaries? Recent data from Public Policy Polling suggests Donald Trump is the most consistent choice, but Ted Cruz is a pretty reliable second, with Marco Rubio popping up every now and again to wrestle away the second spot from him. (This is sounding familiar…)


But first, let’s talk about the one statistic that has been bandied about recently — that 20 percent of Trump’s supporters purportedly support slavery. In fact, that seems to have been made up or based on extremely misleading interpretations of the actual polling data. However, the PPP poll as well as exit poll data from South Carolina provides an interesting look at the biases of Republican voters — including those who self-identify as having “very liberal” views.

PPP — which the New York Times notes is a “company aligned with the Democratic Party” — polled South Carolina supporters on a number of questions and found some very interesting breakdowns.

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Donald Trump: The IRS Is Auditing Me Because I’m a “Strong Christian”

Donald Trump is doing damage control after last night’s Republican primary debate, during which the other candidates treated him like fool he is, used him as the butt of their jokes, and responded to his insults with clever one-liners of their own.

The biggest controversy of his own creation may have been his remark that the IRS is auditing him, and that’s preventing him from releasing his tax returns. (Even Mitt Romney says that’s not a legitimate excuse and that Trump can indeed release his tax returns.)

But why is Trump getting audited? It’s not because of any potentially shady business dealings, he says. He told CNN it’s because he’s Christian (5:10 mark):


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This is the Disturbing Material Ohio Students Were Taught in a Faith-Based Sex-Ed Program

There is a mountain of evidence showing that abstinence-only sex education does not work. That might be part of the reason President Obama‘s budget recently eliminated funding for such programs. But the problem extends beyond the reality that telling kids not to have sex is like spitting into the wind. And it goes beyond the fact that so many of these programs tell outright lies about safe sex. Though these are good reasons to eliminate abstinence-only education, there’s another one that rarely gets the attention it deserves: these programs are constructed to shame kids who may experience sexual feelings and often rely on religion to do so.


Take, for example, the state of Ohio.

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