Atheist Group Sues Texas Governor Greg Abbott Over His Removal of Their Holiday Display

Because the Texas State Capitol has an open forum for holiday displays, here’s what the Freedom From Religion Foundation put up to counter the Nativity scene that was there this past December:

That’s the Bill of Rights flanked by Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and the Statue of Liberty. The display also featured this sign:

Just to reiterate: This was an open forum. FFRF applied for the space, just like everyone else, and they were given a green light.

That is, until December 22, when Governor Greg Abbott ordered the whole thing to be removed.

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Arkansas School Holds Christian Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Children and Staff Participation

Let me set up this up for you: Last week at Cooper Elementary School in Rogers, Arkansas, a school board member, the assistant superintendent, the principal, the vice principal, all four of the school’s gym teachers, a State Representative, and a class of third grade students took part in a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new fitness trail at the school.

A nun blessed the event with holy water, which you can see in the screenshot below. There was even a formal prayer that the students were invited to participate in.


How is any of this legal? That’s what the Freedom From Religion Foundation wants to know. They sent a letter to the Bentonville Public Schools this week documenting the event and demanding that this kind of proselytizing end immediately.

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“Nones” Are on Track to Be the Swing Vote… Again

Much has been said about the peculiar behavior of the Religious Right in this election. Given the racist beginnings of the voting bloc, it really isn’t all that surprising that they are increasingly swinging toward an unapologetic bigot. But while GOP strategists wring their hands over the obliteration of what they’d considered conventional electoral wisdom, they might be missing the point. Instead of worrying about how to consolidate the Religious Right behind a more palatable candidate, they should really be focusing on how to court those who aren’t religious.


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Former Alabama Councilman Wants “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism” on City Signs

Four years ago, this was the way Sylvania, Alabama greeted visitors to the town:

How the hell did Ephesians 4:5 get in there…?

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Bernie Sanders: My Religion is That “We Are All In This Together”

While the Republican Presidential candidates are tripping over each other to get the attention of evangelicals, Bernie Sanders is making his case as the least overtly religious candidate we’ve seen in a long time.

When asked by comedian Jimmy Kimmel about his faith, Sanders said, “I am who I am.”

In January, he told the Washington Post, “I am not actively involved with organized religion.”

And then, a couple of nights ago, during a televised Town Hall meeting on CNN, he gave host Chris Cuomo perhaps the most humanistic answer yet regarding what he believes, repeating a line he said on Kimmel’s show about how we’re all intertwined:


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