Canadian Judge Rules That Jehovah’s Witness Couple Can’t Push Their Faith on Grandchild

You hate to see any legal battle where a child is caught in the middle, especially when religion is the focal point, but at least a judge in British Columbia handled that kind of issue the right way.

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Pastor Says True Christians Shouldn’t Celebrate Halloween

Quick: What’s the point of Halloween?

If you said you putting on fun costumes or getting candy, then join the club.

If you said “celebrating evil,” then you must be Jamie Morgan, a Christian pastor who says people of faith should condemn the holiday:

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The Speech About Religion and Politics That No Candidate Has the Courage to Deliver

Channeling Will McAvoy from The Newsroom, my colleague Bob Seidensticker wrote the speech he wishes U.S. Presidential candidates would give if they had the courage to be honest:

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Former NFL Stars Say Their Coach Used to Spread Christianity in the Locker Room

The Washington Redskins currently have a 2-4 record, nothing to be proud of, especially after an abysmal 4-10 season last year. Who’s responsible for that futility? You may want to blame Head Coach Jay Gruden who was at the helm both last season and this one (so far).

ESPN 980 radio hosts Steve Czaban and (former player) Chris Cooley recently invited another Redskin, Clinton Portis, to share his opinion of Gruden and the team in general. And since Portis and Cooley are no longer in the NFL, they were far more honest with their assessments than you’d expect.

The most interesting aspect of the conversation was not that both players defended Gruden, but that they spilled the beans on what life in the NFL was like under a previous coach, one who was more interested in spreading Christianity than putting together a successful football team.

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Ken Ham Criticizes Humanist Chaplain for Finding Meaning in Life without God

A few months ago, I had a long conversation with Bart Campolo, a former evangelical Christian and current Humanist chaplain. Our talk was both illuminating and emotional since we spent the bulk of it discussing death.

Now, in an extensive interview with Warren Cole Smith at World, Campolo is explaining how atheists, too, can find meaning in life. Smith asked: “What spiritual nurturing would someone who doesn’t believe in a spiritual life need?”

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