Linda Barnette Didn’t Lose Her Job Because of Marriage Equality

You may have heard that Mississippi Circuit Clerk Linda Barnette (below) decided to resign from her job instead of signing marriage licenses for gay and lesbian couples.

My reaction to her decision? Good for her. She did the right thing. If she can’t fulfill the requirements of her taxpayer-funded job, she shouldn’t be doing it.

But the way people are framing this story is worth analyzing. Fox News’ Todd Starnes spoke with Barnette’s pastor, Brian Robertson. Look at how Starnes wrote about this issue:

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Even NASCAR is Saying No to the Confederate Flag

Even if you don’t enjoy watching cars race around in circles, you’ve got to be a little bit of a NASCAR fan this week.

Brian France, NASCAR’s chairman, announced on Saturday that they would ban the Confederate flag not only from official use at events but from any use on racetrack property.

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Homophobic Preachers Try Saving an Adorable First-Grader; Guess Who Wins That Showdown?

This first-grader shows more love through silence and a rainbow flag than the annoying Christian preachers trying to “save” her:

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Female Pastors at Two South Carolina AME Churches Receive Threatening Letter

In the wake of the shootings at Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina, you can imagine how other black church leaders across the state might be concerned about their own safety. In fact, the heads of two AME churches in the state have received letters with implied threats of violence. The letters were signed by a self-proclaimed “Apostle Prophet” Harry Leon Fleming (who may or may not exist) and both letters targeted the pastors because they’re women.

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SCOTUS Legalizing Marriage Equality Was a Victory for the Mentally Ill, Says North Dakota Legislator

The Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage was a huge win for people who believe in justice and dignity — otherwise known as the “mentally ill,” or more specifically, the “metally ill,” according to North Dakota State Rep. Dwight Kiefert.

Kiefert expressed his utter disgust at the Supreme Court ruling in an incoherent, offensive, and factually flawed Facebook post on Friday.

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