Rapper Killah Priest Urges Atheists to “Be Vocal About It” in New Openly Secular Video

The latest person to film a video for the Openly Secular campaign is Killah Priest, a rapper who has worked with the Wu-Tang Clan:


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Officials in Saluda, NC Unanimously Vote Against Installing “In God We Trust” Sign in City Hall

There are a lot of city councils and government agencies putting the words “In God We Trust” anywhere they can. It’s to the point where it’s not even a story anymore.

But it is a story when city officials reject that idea unanimously, after hearing from local citizens who call the motto divisive. That’s what happened with the Board of Commissioners in Saluda, North Carolina:


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The NFL May Withhold Super Bowl from Atlanta Unless Governor Vetoes “Religious Liberty” Bill

Given all the bad press the NFL (deservedly) receives, you have to applaud league officials for how they’re responding to Georgia’s House Bill 757, a.k.a. the “Religious Liberty” bill.

The bill, which among others things would allow religious business owners to discriminate against LGBT customers, has already passed the House and Senate. It’s just waiting for a signature from Governor Nathan Deal.

A lot of CEOs whose companies are based in Georgia are urging him not to sign it and turn his state into the next Indiana. They say it’ll hurt their recruiting efforts and impact their investment in the state.

But none of those threats is as large or as visible as the NFL saying it might take Atlanta off the list for possible Super Bowl locations. That would be a damning prospect for a city that’s about to get a new stadium next year:


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Why Did a Kentucky Elementary School Take a Field Trip to the Creation Museum?

How do you reward kids who have perfect or near-perfect attendance in school?

If you’re the administrators at Southside Elementary School in Kentucky’s Lee County School District, the answer is simple: You take them on a field trip to the Creation Museum. (And then you foolishly tell the world about it.)


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Of Course the Creation Museum is Getting a Mini-Golf Course…

It looks like the Creation Museum will be undergoing an expansion:


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