A Pastor Explains Why He’s Skeptical of Other Christians’ “Miracles”

Pastor Doug Hagler has had a lot of Christians tell him about their supernatural experiences. Hagler believes in God. He believes in miracles, too. But those moments never seem to happen to him… so what should he make of that?

In a post that could very well have been written by an atheist, Hagler runs though a variety of thoughts he’s had over the years concerning other people’s “magical experiences” (emphases his):

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How Should Atheists Handle Saying Oaths with the Words “So Help Me God”?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how to handle saying oaths with the words “So Help Me God” at the end.

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This Christian Group Believes Atheists Who Defend the First Amendment Are Violating Their Rights

In an interview with the “Freedom From Atheism Foundation,” Mike Dobbins spoke with two of the administrators of the Christian Facebook page for “victims of militant atheism.”

Check out how Dr. Jim Ryan complains about the Freedom From Religion Foundation:

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Ohio County Will Open Meetings with Prayer Because the Elected Officials Are Here “To Do God’s Work”

Lorain County, Ohio, is one of those places that will be re-instituting prayers at their commission meetings in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision.

Commissioner Tom Williams (below), in explaining why they’re doing this, shows us exactly why the Court made the wrong decision:

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Fraud Victims: “He Was Christian; Of Course I Would Believe Him”

No matter the volumes of evidence to the contrary, theists still believe that other theists — especially those in their own tribe — are automatically trustworthy.

I was reminded of that when I read the story of Vincent Ciccone and his wife Karen, Canadians who, on Wednesday, in Kitchener, Ontario, were arrested for large-scale financial fraud.

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