Nearly 6,500 People Have Resigned from the Mormon Church Thanks to One Lawyer and a Website

Earlier this month, I posted about a new website to help Mormons leave the Church for good. QuitMormon offers free legal representation for people ready to resign their membership.


QuitMormon has only been in operation for a month now. But in a message posted to the Ex-Mormon subreddit yesterday, attorney Mark Naugle provided an incredible update:

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A Researcher Reviewed 176 Studies on Homeopathy and Found It To Be a “Therapeutic Dead-End”

Last year, researchers for Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council concluded that homeopathy was not a reliable means of medical treatment. The chair of that effort, Professor Paul Glasziou, revisited the topic in a blog post in which he takes aim at some of the homeopathy supporters who have objected to his team’s work.


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The Gap Between Sight and Sound

Here’s a neat video about the connection between sight and sound — and why there’s a delay.


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The New President of the British Humanist Association Talks About Being an Asian Atheist

Writing for New Humanist, Ariane Sherine has an enlightening interview with Shappi Khorsandi, the new President of the British Humanist Association:


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Christian Pseudo-Historian David Barton Can’t Decide Whether or Not He Has a Ph.D.

Does Christian pseudo-historian David Barton have a Ph.D.?

If you look at his biography, it simply says he has an “Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Pensacola Christian College,” but anyone could tell you that’s not at all the equivalent of a Ph.D. It’s an award, nothing more. Barton didn’t earn the doctorate.

Barton’s only real degree is a bachelor’s in Christian education from Oral Roberts University.

But he was very confused on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” show last week when he admitted he didn’t have a Ph.D. before immediately contradicting himself and saying he did.


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