Twin Cities Diocese Helps Pedophile Priest Back in the Saddle With a Lifetime of Jobs and Disability Payments

When priest Gil Gustafson was caught, tried, and convicted in a child sex abuse case in the 1980s, his superiors excommunicated him from the Church and never spoke of him again.

Ha ha. As if.

No: the Twin Cities Archdiocese made sure that Gustafson was essentially set for life.

[It] continued his priestly salary and health insurance, covered his living expenses and psychological treatment and paid for his education and training, according to church records and a former archdiocese accountant. It has given him jobs in the chancery, helped him establish his own consulting business, and steered clients his way.

And it gets better worse.

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Church Sells Pastor’s Possessions and Parsonage To Bail Him Out of Jail a Second Time

Church members in Vacaville, California are trying to spring their pastor free on bail — again.

Mark Lewis, a suspect in a troubling case involving stalking, arson, attempted murder, and possibly criminal conspiracy, was out on $500,000 bail last month. (I wrote about the Reverend Lewis here.)

Then, a funny thing happened.

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Sometimes, Religious Freedom Really Is Under Attack

Louisa Hodkin and Alessandro Calcioli love each other and decided to spend their lives together. They got married in London yesterday.

That wasn’t as straightforward as it sounds.

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This Christian Conference About ‘Rising Up’ Through Jesus Will Feature a Paralyzed Keynote Speaker

I can’t tell if this is ironic or just unintentionally cruel… or maybe both.

The Mississippi Baptist Convention is hosting a one-night conference later this week with the theme: “In the Name of Jesus Rise Up.” That’s a reference to a story in Acts 3 where Peter heals a crippled man simply by asking for Jesus’ help:

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Alcoholics Anonymous, Now Available Without God

If I were addicted and wanted help, I might rather suffer the consequences of abusing drugs or alcohol than pretend that the required verbal ablutions in Alcoholics Anonymous meant anything to me at all.

Six or seven of the famous twelve steps refer to God or to prayer. The final step is to achieve sobriety and experience it as a “spiritual awakening.” Through it all, prayer is a staple at almost every AA meeting.

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