Marco Rubio and the (False) Savior Complex

Thursday night’s Republican primary debate held promise, if only because Donald Trump¬†and his antics would be absent. The Donald was apparently worried that Megyn Kelly would give him cooties, or, ya know, ask him substantive questions. With the carnival barker absent, this was an opportunity for the presidential hopefuls to demonstrate their gravitas and qualifications.

There was a chorus of conservative voices excited about Senator Marco Rubio afterwards, and that excitement wasn’t necessarily misplaced. Relative to the rest of the folks on the stage, Rubio didn’t do terribly. That said, not doing terribly on a stage full of absurdity isn’t saying much. There was one instance, in particular, that deserves a point-by-point analysis of the nonsense.


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Who Could’ve Known That a Christian Ministry Worker Would Proselytize in a Public School Speech?

How hard is it to vet motivational speakers for public schools?

Randy Rich, who played in the NFL for a few seasons in the late 1970s, was asked to speak at several middle and high schools in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (Alaska). While his talk was ostensibly about dreaming big, it’s not hard to realize he works for a Christian ministry.


The District could argue that this was supposed to be a secular speech, but one teacher noticed the problem right away:

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Texas Middle School Principal: “God Was At Work” During School’s Carbon Monoxide Leak

On Thursday morning, at Marshall Middle School in Beaumont, Texas, nearly 200 people were affected by a carbon monoxide leak. They were taken to a hospital or treated on site. Scary stuff. A determination will be made today as to when school will be back in session.


Brandon Basinger is the principal of the school, and he posted a public note on his personal Facebook page offering his thoughts on the matter. After pointing out how the adults on campus and emergency personnel were available, alert, and able to help, he went on to say this:

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To Counter Satanic Invocation, Arizona State Rep. Will Hold Prayer Rally to Protect Phoenix

While the Phoenix City Council in Arizona is deciding whether or not members of The Satanic Temple can deliver an invocation prayer at a meeting on February 17, State Rep. Kelly Townsend isn’t taking any chances.

She’s organizing a prayer rally to counteract whatever damage the Satanists may cause:


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Only a God That Doesn’t Work “Works in Mysterious Ways”

Linda explains why saying “God works in mysterious ways” is pretty much the worst thing you can say in defense of your beliefs.


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