Professor Who Was Suspended for Supposedly Telling Students to ‘Stomp on Jesus’ is Reinstated… Sort of

If you don’t remember Florida Atlantic University Professor Deandre Poole‘s name, you probably do remember what he became known for: The conservative Christian media claimed he forced his students to stomp on paper with the word “JESUS” written on it:

There’s finally some good news to report on this issue: Dr. Poole has been reinstated by FAU… but he’s not back in the classroom just yet:

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You Have to Watch This Jehovah’s Witnesses Propaganda Movie

SuperCynthesizer uploaded a recent Watchtower Society propaganda video designed to make you and keep you a JW for good:

It’s a 90-minute movie but here are a few highlights:

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UK-Based Scout Association Will Soon Allow Atheists to Join

Just a week after Girlguiding UK announced a revision to their Promise, allowing openly non-religious girls to join without a problem, another organization is following in their footsteps.

The UK-based Scout Association looks like they’re reversing course as well… kind of:

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Why Should Only Churches Have Signs? How One Man Found New Friends With a Blackboard and Some Chalk

Since the long-gone days of the Burma-Shave billboard, the art of putting up ever-changing public messages on roadside signs has been largely left to churches. Church signs frequently display aphorisms, quotes, and announcements, and some of them can be pretty funny. I can’t help reading them whenever I pass by.

But why give churches the monopoly on entertaining signs? What’s preventing you or me from putting up a sign with our message of the day?

That’s what Ayden Byle thought. A couple of months ago, he was a newcomer to Toronto’s Cedarvale neighborhood. He didn’t know anyone there. But he made friends quickly after he got noticed by a lot of people who walked or drove by his house.

It was because of his sign.

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New Poll Shows That 38% of British Youth Don’t Believe in a God

An astonishing new poll from YouGov shows that British youth (ages 18-24) are rejecting religion at levels we’ve never seen before:

When asked if they believe in God, only 25% say they do. 19% believe in some non-Godlike “spiritual greater power” and a further 38% believe in no God or spiritual power whatsoever.

Only a quarter of British youth believe in a God! That’s an incredibly low number, and it’s only slightly higher than the percentage of youth who are “spiritual but not religious.”

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