Georgia Muslim Family Gets Surprise on Their Olive Garden Bill

On Christmas Eve, a group of twelve Muslims, the women wearing hijabs and everyone speaking Arabic, went to dinner at an Olive Garden in Georgia. If you’re even slightly observant of the religious tension in our country, this situation doesn’t sound like it’ll end well.

So grab a tissue, cynic. This is good news.

When the group requested the check, they were surprised to see the waitress bring a paid bill instead, with a message from a stranger:

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Kentucky County Home to Noah’s Ark Theme Park Will Now Allow Sale of Alcohol

Last Tuesday, 56% of voters in Grant County, Kentucky decided to lift the ban on alcohol sales, a result that’s being attributed largely to the turnout of young voters.

That means you’ll soon be able to purchase drinks before heading to Ark Encounter, the Noah’s Ark theme park. I’d call that ironic, except the alcohol may be necessary.

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Christian “Apostle” Does Damage Control After Release of Deposition Videos for Wasting Church Money

David E. Taylor of Joshua Media Ministries International in St. Louis knows that there’s an easy life ahead for the morally bankrupt.

First, you start a non-profit ministry. Next, you tell your congregation that Jesus visits you personally, He made you an “apostle,” and He gave you the powers to introduce others to Him — literally. Soon the cash will start to roll in as desperate, gullible people vie for preferential treatment. And before you know it, you’ll be living in a $2.8 million mansion, driving a Bentley, wearing Louis Vuitton, and taking luxury vacations that nobody in the church dares to question! Piece of cake.

Unless you get caught. Don’t get caught. Because then you might be under investigation for financial corruption.

The video of “Apostle” Taylor’s seven-hour deposition in a Michigan court shows a visibly nervous man chewing his bottom lip, pretending to be confused by the attorney’s questions and making pitiful excuses for his frivolous purchases.

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UK Education Secretary Says Non-Faith Schools Can Still Prioritize Christianity Over Atheism

Earlier this year, when the UK Department for Education issued its new curriculum for GCSE Religious Studies classes, the focus was on: Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and Sikhism.

Humanism, a belief system reflected by far more people than some of the religions on that list combined, wasn’t given the same treatment. That’s why three parents eventually filed a lawsuit against the government (with the help of the British Humanist Association).

A month ago, in a major decision from Britain’s High Court, a judge ruled that Education Secretary Nicky Morgan (below) was wrong to exclude Humanism from the Religious Studies classes in the country .

To be clear: The ruling didn’t say Humanism *had* to be taught in Religious Education classes, only that specifically excluding it was wrong, but now Morgan is determined to do everything she can to make sure that decision has no significant impact in classrooms where religion was prioritized:

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New Study Says Vaccine Deniers Are Richer, Whiter, and More Educated

When it comes to science illiteracy in the form of Creationism, we know what kind of people are more likely to believe it: Those who attend church frequently, the elderly, and people without much formal education.

But when it comes to parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, the demographics are very different, according to a new study in the American Journal of Public Health:

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