Finally, the Whole ‘Holy Ghost’ Concept Makes Perfect Sense!

The Axis of Awesome explains the confusing concept of the Holy Trinity in a crystal-clear and hilarious way:

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A Podcast Interview with Skeptic Money On Air

I recently did an interview for Phil Ferguson‘s Skeptic Money On Air podcast. You can listen to the full episode right here!

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Why Brandeis University Is Comically Wrong On All Counts in the Ayaan Hirsi Ali ‘Hate Speech’ Flap

This is a guest post written by Rogier van Bakel.

Last night, this blog published a post about Brandeis University’s decision to revoke Ayaan Hirsi Ali‘s honorary doctorate in Social Justice. The university had belatedly decided that Hirsi Ali, a hard-bitten critic of Islam, does not represent the values Brandeis supposedly holds dear (more on that in a minute).

I play a minor role in this fiasco.

The successful student petition that preceded the snub contained some quotes from a Reason interview I did with Hirsi Ali in Washington back in 2007. Those quotes, without their context, sounded harsh, although they might have made some people blanch even within their context.

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Why Religious Faith is Like a Sex Toy

I’d never been tempted to create a meme, but there’s a first time for everything:

À propos this post.

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Quebec Liberals Win Majority: What Does It Mean for the Controversial Charter of Values?

In what is being described as a “surprising achievement,” an “astonishing victory,” and a “stunning election upset,” the provincial Liberal Party won a majority government in Monday’s Quebec elections. This unexpected turn of events led to the resignation of Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois (below).

While much of Canada has been focused on what this victory means for the separatist movement, and the implications of that for the country’s politics and economy — our dollar is stronger already! — the secular community in Canada and beyond has been more interested in the fate of Marois’ controversial Charter of Values, which was expected to lead to job loss for public-sector employees who wear religious head coverings such as the Sikh turban or Muslim hijab.

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