Why Hillary Clinton’s Comments About Nancy Reagan and HIV/AIDS Were So Problematic

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton eulogized former First Lady Nancy Reagan by praising her advocacy for HIV/AIDS victims:


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Colorado School District Says It Will Continue Bible Giveaways, So Satan’s Also Making a Visit

Back in December, I posted about all the legal violations taking place at Delta Middle School in Colorado.


Here’s the situation: Students in a social studies class were taken to the library to do some work. When they arrived, their teacher told them there were bibles on a table in the main doorway, and they could pick one up as they left.

So you know what comes next.

Everyone say hello to The Satanic Temple coloring books!

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Christian Right Leader: If Your Pastor Likes President Obama, You Should Find Another Church

We all know evangelical Christian churches and the Republican Party have a tight bond. They both support policies that hurt women, block rights to LGBT people, deny science, etc. And even though that conservative bent may be pushing many young Christians out of the pews, the mindset isn’t changing.

We all know that. But Christians hate talking about it. They think of themselves as being above politics. They may align with Republicans on the issues, but pastors are concerned with our eternal lives, while politicians only care about this one. Got it?

But when a caller asked Family Research Council President Tony Perkins what she should do about her Obama-supporting pastor, Perkins didn’t follow the script. Instead, he had enough information to tell that caller to get out of her church:


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Who Are These Students Not Participating in a Massive, Adult-Led Cafeteria Prayer?

Last month at Hollister Middle School in Missouri, this was the sight at lunchtime:


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Televangelist Says Donald Trump is Just Like Jesus Because They’re Both Tough and Intimidating

We already know that Ted Cruz has tasked himself with channeling the body of Christ and the face of God.

Since his entire demeanor is “revivalist preacher,” this isn’t all that surprising. But you know what? Don’t count out Donald Trump just yet. You see, he’s a tough guy. Maybe a tough guy who uses “salty language”… but you who can use that? Jesus. Jesus loves tough guys. In fact, Jesus surrounded himself with the Donald Trumps of his era.

At least, that’s the conclusion televangelist Rick Joyner came to while discussing Trump on The Jim Bakker Show:


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