Ted Cruz, in Convention Speech, Talks About Protecting Religious Freedom of Atheists. Seriously.

While much of the talk from Night 3 of the Republican National Convention surrounds Sen. Ted Cruz‘s stunning non-endorsement of Donald Trump, let me go back to what he said before the crowd began booing him as if Hillary Clinton stepped onto that stage herself. Because Cruz almost sounded reasonable for a moment. (It didn’t last.)


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Georgia Clerk Removes Christian Flag from Courtroom, Albeit Very Reluctantly

If you were to visit the Bryan County courthouse in Georgia, you’d see this Christian flag in one of the courtrooms. It finally came down, but not before a lot of pressure.


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This Is An Unusual Way to Advertise Your Car Dealership. But It Is Tennessee…

Suppose you own a car dealership… but you’re also located in Kingsport, Tennessee. How do you advertise to your customers? Well, here’s a glimpse of what one dealership has done:


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Priest Who Stole From the Poor and Got a Slap On the Wrist Will Serve Serious Time After All

Justice has been served for a priest who stole money from charity intended to help the poor. But not before a judge consulted with God.


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Black Lives Matter: Liberal Redneck Edition

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, explains #BlackLivesMatter to the people who just don’t get it. (Hi, angry commenters!)


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