There Are Now More Non-Religious People in England and Wales Than All Christians Combined

In a stunning analysis of the religious demographics in England and Wales (but not Scotland and Northern Ireland), Professor Stephen Bullivant of St Mary’s Catholic University in Twickenham found that the percentage of non-religious people has nearly doubled from just a few years ago.

In 2011, 25% of people in England/Wales considered themselves non-religious. By 2014, the latest year for which he had data, Bullivant found that number had skyrocketed to 48.5%.

There are now more people in those areas without religion than there are all Christians combined.


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“Happy Chewbacca” Lady is Using Her 15 Minutes of Fame to Tell You All About Jesus

By now, you’ve surely seen the video of Candace Payne trying on an electronic Chewbacca mask. The more she laughs, the more we hear the Wookiee noises, and the cycle continues until even the viewers are laughing along with her.


The video, which she streamed live on Facebook with her phone last week, already has about 140 million views as of this writing. It led to a writeup in the New York Times and appearances on several news programs over the past few days.

Given the fleeting nature of viral fame, is there anything else can she do with her 15 minutes?

Yes there is. While the spotlight is still on her, Payne wants to make sure you’re obeying the Lord.

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Samantha Bee Explains the Religious Right’s Hypocrisy on Abortion

After last week’s look at the nasty, racist history of the Religious Right, Samantha Bee continued her look at Christian conservatives last night with a segment on abortion.

The piece included a conversation with Frank Schaeffer, my Patheos colleague and one of the people responsible for the “pro-life” movement. He called it the “single greatest regret of my life.” (Starting the anti-abortion movement, I mean. Just so we’re clear.)


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Why the “Stalin Was an Atheist” Argument Doesn’t Make Any Sense

There are lots of rebuttals to the age-old argument that Stalin was an atheist, therefore atheism is bad/wrong/evil. But if you’re an apologist using that argument, what are you inadvertently saying about religious people who kill in the name of their God?


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We Need Your Help to Make the 2016 Reason Rally Even Greater

Just over six months ago, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life: I quit my job with the Secular Student Alliance. I was their second in command after the Executive Director, August Brunsman; I had been involved with the organization as a staffer for over seven years and as a volunteer for over a decade. I didn’t leave because of some huge conflict. I left because of an incredible opportunity where I could really make a difference:

I became the Executive Director of the Reason Rally Coalition.


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