Religion Is Just Common Sense With Added Bits of Nonsense

“What is a religion? It’s five don’ts. Four of them make sense. The fifth one, they added just to [mess] with you.”


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Tea Party Co-Founder: Want to Win Over the GOP on Renewable Energy? Never Mention “Climate Change”

What does it say about a political party when pointing out established science discredits you in their eyes?


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Lesbian Couple Sues Christian Courthouse Clerks After Being Harassed While Getting Marriage License

According to the couple, the clerk “yelled that our desire to marry was wrong and that she believed that God would ‘deal’ with us in time. We asked her to stop, and she told us that she has a religious right to talk this way to us.”

Samantha Brookover (left) and Amanda Abramovich

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This Video Does Not Show a Preacher Bringing a Dead Baby Back to Life

In this video, a preacher named Frances Hunter talks about how she once resurrected a dead baby… and she has the footage to prove it! It’s obvious she has no idea what “proof” means…


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Does Science Confirm the Bible? A Debate Featuring Atheist Jay Naphas and Pastor Shane Idleman

Last month, Jay Naphas of the Antelope Valley Freethinkers and Pastor Shane Idleman of Westside Christian Fellowship had a debate over whether science confirmed what’s in the Bible. That conversation, which took place in Lancaster, California, is now online.


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