North Carolina’s Religion-in-Schools Law Wrongly Suggests Teachers Can Participate During Student-Led Prayers

Earlier this summer, legislators in North Carolina passed Senate Bill 370, which (unnecessarily) reiterated the rights of students to express their faith in school. These rights were already protected under the law, but you can never appease religious voters too much…

The Republican-dominated House and Senate voted overwhelmingly in support of the bill, with plenty of Democrats helping them out. The Republican governor, as expected, signed it into law.

But there is reason to be worried because the bill included this line:

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Harlem Church Rails Against Obama, Muslims, “No-Honor” Blacks; Wishes “Cancer, HIV” on Gay-Friendly Believers

A friend from Europe took a stroll through Harlem, New York yesterday, and encountered this church sign on West 123rd Street.

All churches & members that support homos cursed be thou with cancer HIV syphilis stroke madness the itch then hell 1 Cor. 6:9

“Isn’t it nice, all those little church communities, each of them with their own vision of the surprises that God has in store for humanity,” my friend deadpanned.

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If God Really Loved Atheists, Maybe He’d Stop Ruining Their Adopt-a-Highway Signs

In 2013, the Atheists of Butte County (in California) officially adopted a highway and they’ve cleaned up their two-mile stretch of Highway 99 every month since.

Yesterday, they realized the sign didn’t look the same

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The Paperback Version of “An Appetite for Wonder,” Richard Dawkins’ Autobiography, is Available Today

For anyone who still buys physical books, the paperback version of Richard Dawkins‘ autobiography An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist is available today:

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Sarah Silverman Didn’t Thank God at Emmys, but Offered These Words of Wisdom Instead

Comedian Sarah Silverman just won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing For A Variety Special for her stand-up special “We Are Miracles.”

The award was given to her by Ricky Gervais, a fellow atheist, and during her acceptance speech, she didn’t bother thanking God, but offered some scientific honesty instead:

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