Carl Sagan’s Voice Guides Us Through Human Exploration of the Solar System in This Beautiful Short Film

Digital artist and animator Erik Wernquist created a really beautiful film using the words of Carl Sagan (reading from A Pale Blue Dot).

The short film, called Wanderers, is all about human exploration of the solar system:

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The Necessity of Secularism

Not every major conflict in the world is based in religion, but far too many of them are, and it’s time we realized the importance of secularism as a requirement for democracy, civil rights, and freedom of conscience. That’s the argument advanced by Center for Inquiry President Ron Lindsay in his new book The Necessity of Secularism: Why God Can’t Tell Us What to Do (Pitchstone Publishing, 2014):

In the excerpt below, Lindsay talks about the prejudice against atheists:

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Atheist Displays Go Up in Arlington Heights (Illinois) Park

For the third straight year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation chapter in Chicago has put up an atheist display at North School Park in the city of Arlington Heights. It comes in response to a Nativity Scene that will also be on the property. This year, the atheists put up a five-foot-tall Scarlet A:

There’s also an “Are you Good Without God? Millions are” banner from the Chicago Coalition of Reason:

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Muslim Extremists in China Are Thought To Be Behind Another Attack With Bombs and Axes

In a movement that is as much political as it is religious, China’s Uighurs, a Muslim community of about 10 million (0.8 percent of China’s population), have been agitating for an independent nation for decades. All too often, that has involved the use of terrorist violence that’s barely distinguishable from that committed by the Uighurs’ extremist brethren in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Chechnya, and so on.

Here‘s the latest example:

Fifteen people were killed when a group threw explosives into a crowded street where vendors were selling food in China’s restive region of Xinjiang, the official Xinhua news agency said on Saturday. Eleven were attackers who were killed by the police, the agency said, and 14 people were injured. The attackers also stabbed people in Friday’s attack in Shache County, state-owned Xinjiang news website Tianshan News said. It said police found detonation devices, large knives and axes at the scene.

Deadly attacks in the north-western region in recent years have left hundreds dead. The government has mostly blamed attacks on ethnic Uighur separatists, who it says want to form an independent country called East Turkestan.

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Curt Schilling Complains About How People Say He Doesn’t Get Evolution… Then Shows That He Doesn’t Get Evolution

Curt Schilling, the former baseball pitcher, has finally responded to the controversy that erupted because of his tweets.

In case you need a reminder, last week, Schilling began promoting Creationist ideas on his Twitter account…

ESPN writer Keith Law was one of several people responding to his nonsense… and he was suspended for it. Law then returned from his suspension with this brilliant tweet.

Anyway, what does Schilling say now?

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