The Tooth Fairy Is Just More Reliable…

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Since When is Not Believing in God an ‘Agnostic’ Position?

The South Texas Coalition of Reason‘s message on a new atheist billboard in Corpus Christi is pretty clear regarding the group’s stance on God:

“Don’t believe in God?”

Sounds like an atheist to me. Sure, the South Texas CoR is reaching out to atheists, agnostics, and those who are spiritual-but-not-religious, but the implication on the sign, anyway, is that God doesn’t exist.

Which makes this front-page headline in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times very strange to me: [Read more...]

Florist to Gay Customer: Jesus Won’t Let Me Do Your Wedding

A florist in Richland, Washington says she won’t provide flowers for a gay customer’s wedding because of her relationship with Jesus:

Rob Ingersoll has been a customer at Arlene’s Flowers for nine years. When he and his partner Curt got engaged recently, he knew he’d askĀ Barronelle Stuzman, their favorite florist and the owner of Arlene’s, to prepare the flowers for the wedding.

He wasn’t ready for her to shoot him down: [Read more...]

Pastor Says Uplifting Sign for Atheists is a ‘Negative Message’

I understand why a headline for the South Texas Coalition of Reason‘s new atheist billboard in Corpus Christi would say “Atheist Billboard Stirs Controversy”… more people are going to pay attention to a religion-based controversy.

But it’s still shocking to hear a pastor (and another random dude) express their dissent against a message like that one: [Read more...]

The People Who Oppose Gay Marriage Are…

Is there any real reason to oppose marriage equality?

A new analysis of data by (Democratic pollster) Joel Benenson and (Republican pollster) Jan van Lohuizen finds that most of the people who oppose it fall into only a few demographic groups: [Read more...]