Christian Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein Put Subliminal Dollar Bill Images in His Latest Video

Well, this is a new tactic for Christian vertical video addict (and Starbucks red cup destroyer) Joshua Feuerstein: It looks like he’s sticking subliminal advertising into his latest videos.

In a “Facebook church” video posted online Sunday (and then removed Monday) by Feuerstein, he gave a long loud rant about Jesus before introducing a group of musicians and singers. But if you look carefully in the clip below, which was snagged before Feuerstein took down his video, you see an interesting thing happen every minute, on the dot, beginning at the 0:23 mark:

A dollar bill flashes on the screen.


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Atheists Should Root for an Evangelical Christian-Led Victory for Donald Trump

The New York Times Magazine has an extensive look at how Ted Cruz built his entire campaign on the belief that evangelical Christians alone could catapult him to the White House. He announced his candidacy at Liberty University, received early endorsements from Religious Right leaders, and replaced his Tea Party-laced biography with one steeped in faith.


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New Survey Shows That Atheism is Still a Political Liability, but Not As Much as Before

You won’t be surprised that the Pew Research Center, in a survey released today, found that atheism is still the biggest political liability a candidate could have.

What may be surprising is that the candidate deemed as the least religious is the Republican frontrunner.


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Bernie Sanders: “I Am Not Actively Involved with Organized Religion”

While Republicans are fighting with one another to get endorsements from leading Religious Right figures — even Donald Trump got a nod from the head of Liberty University yesterday — Sen. Bernie Sanders is doing something radical (even for Bernie Sanders).

He’s not talking about faith at all.


Unless he’s asked about it directly, Sanders is taking a very much live-and-let-live approach to the matter. Now, in an interview with the Washington Post, he’s coming even closer to flat-out admitting he’s a “None”:

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Ted Cruz Endorsed by Glenn Beck and Christian Leader Who Blamed Jews for the Holocaust

When it comes to piling up endorsements from radical Christians and other ultra-conservative religious types, Sen. Ted Cruz has had a pretty impressive week.


Sure, he missed Jerry Falwell, Jr.… but let’s take a moment to consider the shining stars he did pick up.

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