An Inside Look at How Christian Teachers Are Learning to Legally Proselytize in the Classroom

The Washington Post‘s Emma Brown has a really interesting article about a Christian organization training public school teachers on how to express their faith while on the clock.

Obviously, they’re not telling them to proselytize in class, since that’s illegal, but the Christian Educators Association International shows them how to promote Jesus in subtle ways that won’t get them in trouble:


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Let’s Talk About Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Bizarre Tweet Against Anti-Trumpers

Last night, Neil deGrasse Tyson — King of Nerds, Defender of Science, First of His Name — surprised a lot of his fans when he tweeted out what appeared to be a sort-of defense of Donald Trump.

It came a day after Trump canceled a rally in Chicago after thousands of protesters came out in a show of solidarity against him.


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The Bishop Who Arranged Pope Francis’ Meeting with Kim Davis No Longer Has a Job

Last September, we learned that Pope Francis, during his *totally* non-political trip to the U.S., managed to squeeze in some time to meet Kim Davis, the Kentucky bigot who believed her Christian faith trumped the rights of gay couples to get married.


The man who arranged that meeting is finally “retiring.”

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Let’s Hope the Bible Isn’t the Only Source of Your Morality

Linda explains why it’s so disturbing when Christians say they get their morals from the Bible. After all, if that’s the only reason you’re not on a perpetual murder spree, we should all be frightened of your reasoning skills.


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Glenn Beck Suggests That Hell Awaits Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Supporters

Ever since Glenn Beck endorsed Ted Cruz back in January, his reasons for why we should vote for Cruz have been getting increasingly weird. There was the suggestion that God offed Justice Scalia to impress upon Republicans how important it was to elect Cruz Savior-in-Chief. There was also the very public (and very pointless) fast to bring Cruz victory. Spoiler alert: It failed. Miserably.

The odd justifications aren’t going away. On Beck’s show the other day, for instance, he dropped hints that Hell awaited Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton voters.


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