The ‘Roger Ebert is in Heaven’ Cartoons Are Coming…

Even though Roger Ebert didn’t believe in God or the afterlife, that hasn’t stopped cartoonists from drawing him in a place he didn’t believe existed:

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This Christian School Board Member Opposes Gay-Straight Alliance Week, but Not For the Usual Reason…

Last night, I got an email about Chris Howell, a member of the Gaston County School Board in North Carolina. Howell is raising a fuss because a bunch of high school students in his district want to cause divisiveness among the students and distract them from learning…

Wait. No. That’s not true.

Actually, members of Highland School of Technology’s Gay-Straight Alliance club want to celebrate a “week promoting tolerance between gay and straight teenagers.” But Howell is opposed to it:

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Turkish Muslim Group Finds Latest Foe in Jabba the Hutt Lego Set

This time they’ve gone too far.

A much-loved and large part of my childhood is under attack from crazy theocrats. “They” are Austria’s Turkish Cultural Association. (I know, I know, the very name strikes terror into the hearts of decent folk across the land.)

And the fond childhood memories of which I speak? Lego. I love Lego. I always have and always will. Despite being the grand old age of 27, I still own a few sets and always enjoy seeing younger members of my family play with them, as it provides a welcome opportunity to build something new. I have a certificate I once got for entering a Lego building competition — not winning anything mind you; merely entering. Yet it still hangs proudly on my wall. Okay, so we get it — I love Lego and my bias has been declared.

How has the world of this beloved toymaker collided with Turkish cultural sensibilities?

Because it’s racist, that’s why.

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Goodbye, Roger

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Edward Tarte Discusses Leaving a Seminary

Be sure to check out Edward’s YouTube and Facebook pages!

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