On Reddit, /r/Islam Responds to This Blog’s Boko Haram Story

For obvious reasons, it’s rare for anything that’s published on Friendly Atheist to get attention on the “Islam” subreddit. Yesterday was an exception. A discussion broke out there that ran the gamut from concern and outrage over the Boko Haram mass abduction, to (surprise!) the good old No True Scotsman fallacy, to a Patheos-bashing the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Here are three interesting /r/Islam responses to the Boko Haram blog post, from across the spectrum.

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78 Tough Questions for Christians

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, offers 78 tough questions for Christians. It’s a video I’m very excited to share with you!

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Pat Robertson, Who Ran for President as a Republican in 1988, Blames GOP for Nominating Unelectable Candidates

I know it’s child’s play to rip on Pat Robertson, but he always bring it upon himself… and this time, he’s blaming the GOP for nominating candidates that are extreme enough to win a primary but too extreme to win a general election:

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Watch These City Officials Struggle to Explain Why an Atheist’s Banner Was Hung Where Few People Could See It

The other day, I posted about how atheist activist Justin Vacula of the NEPA Freethought Society paid for a banner to be hung on the scaffolding in the Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania) public square.

Local officials hung it, but three days late and almost completely out of sight.

When Christians celebrated the National Day of Prayer in the square last week, they saw an NDoP banner… but not the one reading “Nothing Fails Like Prayer.”

Yesterday, Vacula went to City Hall to inquire about the decision. How come his banner wasn’t placed somewhere easily visible? Was there a reason?

He got a reason… and it made no sense whatsoever.

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For April, “Astrologer to the Stars” Susan Miller Predicted a Historic Stock Market Meltdown. Guess How She Did.

Back in January, I bookmarked an interview with well-known charlatan Susan Miller (pictured, center) that was published in the U.K. Observer — but the paper didn’t call her that. Her fans never do, of course, and journalist Aaron Hicklin is a fanboy for sure. He declared himself bewitched by “America’s most popular astrologer,” and gushed that [Read More...]