After Putting Their Faith in God, High School Football Team Goes Winless

Before I rip into the Cannon County High School football team, let’s say some nice things about them.

They have a female kicker who’s very talented! That’s awesome for her and says a lot about the guys on the team for making her feel so welcome.

They also have a roster of 30 athletes who seem to be passionate, and you have to respect students who are willing to put in the time and effort required of a football team.

Okay. All that aside, there’s a serious problem with the team. The coaches have practically turned it into a church (the article is behind a paywall):

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Texas Sheriff Tells Atheists to “Go Butt a Stump”

Last month, after the Freedom From Religion Foundation asked police departments and sheriff’s offices around the country to remove “In God We Trust” stickers from vehicles, Childress Police Department Chief Adrian Garcia in Texas sent back a letter with a simple message:

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Another Florida City Commission Drops Invocations Just to Prevent Local Satanist from Speaking

Chaz Stevens is on a roll. The atheist-turned-Satanist has pressured another city commission in Florida to stop invocations altogether just so no one has to hear him speak.

Remember: Stevens made this happen in Coral Springs last month (they didn’t want to see an invocation that involved twerking and/or a mariachi band). Deerfield Beach and Delray Beach have dropped their invocations for the same reason.

And now it’s happening in Dania Beach (article behind paywall):

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Do Religious Texts Have Meaning on Their Own?

YouTuber Counter Arguments debunks Reza Aslan‘s argument that religious texts have no meaning until people interpret them according to views they already hold. In other words, religion itself is never the problem… even if holy books say things like infidels must die.

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Ray Comfort Performs the Banana Argument for a Christian Audience

You thought Ray Comfort introduced the Banana Argument Against Atheism in that classic video with Kirk Cameron?

Nope. He’s been pushing that idea for a loooooong time:

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