How Are Atheists Like Smokers?

Rev. Keith Crosby from Green Bay, Wisconsin provides the answer to that question with the worst comparison you’ll hear all day: Atheists are like smokers. Smokers know that smoking is harmful and yet they smoke while consciously suppressing the fact that harm will come to them if they persist. Atheists act as if their feigned [Read More...]

It Wasn’t An Angel

A new study shows that over half of all Americans believe in guardian angels… The Digital Cuttlefish has a poetic response for all those who wrongly believe an angel is watching over them: … That time, late at night, you were hit by a car And were comatose over three days? Was an Angel the [Read More...]

How To Make Fred Phelps Disappear

If Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church are protesting in your area, you should take a lesson from the good people in Arkansas. The Central Arkansas Pastafarians group made an appearance next to the Phelps’ protest (not coincidentally during International Talk Like a Pirate Day) and managed to drive the group away! Yep, the [Read More...]

Impromptu Religious Debate on Real Time

Andrew Sullivan and Bill Maher go at it on last night’s episode of Real Time (the religious talk begins at the 6:35 mark): [Read more...]

Upcoming Atheist Talks

There are a few lectures to promote — my own and another! I will be speaking in Minnesota this Thursday evening at the University of Minnesota! Thanks to Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists (CASH — “The Best Damned Group on Campus”) for inviting me. If you’re in the Twin Cities, please stop on by! Also, [Read More...]

Flying Spaghetti Monster Protein

If the protein in our body bends in a particular way, it seems we could get up close and personal with our Maker: Worshiper Ivy said this: Recently, I have been doubting my faith in the FSM. I take this as a sign that he is still with me. I have never felt more touched [Read More...]

The Top 8 Atheist Moments on The Colbert Report

In addition to Lori Lipman Brown‘s recent appearance on The Colbert Report, there have been several other memorable segments about atheism on Stephen Colbert’s show. Matt Tobey at Comedy Central Insider presents his Top 8! What’s your favorite? Are there other segments which must be included? [Read more...]

The Vatican says evolution is okay

The Roman Catholic Church has long affirmed the validity of evolutionary science. Unlike some (certainly not all) other Christians at the time, it never condemned Darwin or his ideas; and in 1950 Pope Pius XII described evolution as a valid scientific approach to the development of humans – a stance reaffirmed by Pope John Paul [Read More...]

What’s Wrong with This Magazine Cover?

Below is the cover for the current issue of Gospel Today magazine. See if you can spot the problem with it: Did you find it?! If you said, “Women pastors?! WHAT?! That’s blasphemy!” then you win! Turns out Lifeway Christian Bookstores — owned by the Southern Baptist Convention — is pulling the magazine from its [Read More...]

Ordering A Hit on Mickey

Dateline: Anaheim, CA. Your Roving Reporter, Richard Wade One of Islam’s top clerics, Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaidan has issued a salvo of fatwas, not only calling for the death of executives of television broadcasting companies in the Middle East but also a much more disturbing and potentially disastrous threat. Western-style programming often in the form of  [Read More...]

Are There Any NBAtheists?

Reader Brian asks: Are there any players in the NBA who are publicly Atheist? I would love to follow their career, just on principle alone, maybe even go so far as to purchase/wear a replica of their jersey. I looked through your blog’s archives and didn’t see anything, but I surely could have overlooked something. [Read More...]

His Father Was Chief…

My sister teaches 8th graders in Arizona. This is funny because my sister looks like a 5th grader herself. Anyway, she told me this story. It must be shared. She was teaching grammar this week by putting incorrectly punctuated news stories on the overhead. One was about the passing of Pink Floyd member Richard Wright. [Read More...]

Contest to Design a Secular Card and Ornament!

HumanLight is an alternative celebration for Humanists during the winter season. In anticipation of this year’s festivities, the HumanLight Committee is throwing a contest: The HumanLight Committee is hosting a HumanLight Holiday card and ornament design contest for secularists of all ages. Contestants should design an artistic expression to positively address these questions or some [Read More...]

Whose Wedding Is It?

WordNerd and her fiance (“IP”) are going to have a fabulous atheistical wedding. But they may have to do it against her mother’s wishes: … IP and I are atheists and are adamant about using someone who understands and respects our viewpoints — and I’ve always said that ceremony without meaning is useless to me, [Read More...]