New Zealand Church Puts Up Billboard with Donald Trump Telling Jesus, “I Don’t Like Losers”

The Community of Saint Luke, a church in New Zealand, is making a political statement with a new billboard. But it has nothing to do with their own country.

The billboard shows Donald Trump mocking Jesus for being a loser:


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Could Transporters Really Keep Our Identities Intact?

Here’s a fun philosophical conundrum for you: If transporters were actually able to send you back in time, would it still be… you?


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Qatari Website Tells Muslim Girls: If You Don’t Wear a Hijab, You’re Inching Closer to Satan

According to an educational software module on Qatari-government-owned website, if a Muslim woman doesn’t wear a hijab, she’s defying Allah and inching closer to Satan.

(But, you know, it’s totally her choice.)


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These Islamic Lawyers Are Responsible for the Spike in Blasphemy Charges in Pakistan

Ever wonder why blasphemy charges are so prevalent in countries like Pakistan? Or what sort of depraved lawyers would dare to argue in court that people should be executed for a thoughtcrime?

Now we know:

An image on the group's Facebook page

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The Alphabet of Alternative Medicine

At Gizmodo, Bryan Menegus has an excellent “A-to-Z Guide to Bullshit Alternative Medicine” — which, let’s admit, is a redundant title. As the joke goes, what do you call alternative medicine that works? Medicine.

Still, it’s a lengthy list of things way too many people believe are miracle cures.

I won’t even tell you what this woman’s drinking:


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