“I Do Not See Him As a Terrorist”: Five Hundred Mourners Attend Funeral of Copenhagen Gunman

You and I should be so lucky to have 500 people show up at our funeral service. By killing two people last weekend in Copenhagen — a movie director at a free-speech event, and a guard at a synagogue — Islamist terrorist Omar El-Hussein, who was subsequently shot and killed by Danish cops, apparently assured an impressive [Read More…]

PSA: Pastor Kindly Reminds You That the Missionary Position is the Only One Approved by God

God, apparently, is very particular about how man parts and lady parts fit together. There’s only one right way, and lots of wrong ones. Luckily for us, one of His representatives on Earth, Nigerian-born Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo of the end-time Complete in Christ Church in Peterborough (U.K.), is willing to explain it in some detail. On video.

He says that the only permissible sexual position is the missionary position: “Missionaries of old who taught their converts about true holiness would teach them that in the marriage bed, face to face with the husband on top is the only position that God has sanctioned. That is a landmarker or boundary stone that was laid by people before this evil generation was born that you and I who live today are a part of … We have moved that stone, so we could try new things to fulfill our lusts.”

Couples who engage in other sexual acts including oral sex, masturbation, and acts of bondage, as well as other sexual positions, “are not going to make it to heaven,” he says.

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When It Comes to Accepting Evolution, Republicans Are an Embarrassment

This is why other countries laugh at us:

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Porn Crusader, Allegedly Inspired by God, Torches Adult Store in Michigan

A dirty deed done over dirty pictures:

Kalamazoo police say the suspect who set the fire that destroyed an adult store did it in an effort to eliminate pornography from his neighborhood.

The fire broke out at Hollywood Nights on S. Westnedge near Whites Road late Wednesday afternoon. By the time it was out, the building had been leveled. A man who was seen by witnesses leaving the scene of the fire carrying an ax was later arrested after leading police on a brief car chase and then crashing.

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Since the Catholic Church Won’t Do It, Let’s Help These Nuns Living in a Freezing Church Because Their Boilers Died

What a depressing story about a group of selfless nuns:

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