A Darwin Day Resolution Has Stalled in the Arizona Senate, but You Can Help Push It Forward

Arizona is one of the states where you wouldn’t expect a Darwin Day resolution to get very far, but that could change very soon.

State Senator Andrew C. Sherwood introduced SR1001 earlier this month. It’s a resolution similar to one he introduced last year in the State House, but that one didn’t make it out of the Rules committee.

The current version of the bill — co-written by physicist Lawrence Krauss, who lives in Sherwood’s district — looks like this:


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Christian Preacher Who’s Never Seen a “Woman as Good Looking as a $100 Bill” Endorses Donald Trump

Here’s an interesting split: If you’re an evangelical pastor, you might endorse Ted Cruz since he’s the guy who believes what you believe, is just as much of an anti-gay bigot, and thinks access to health care for women is something we have to eliminate.

But if you’re an evangelical pastor who thinks God wants everyone to be rich, then Donald Trump is your man. At least that’s the case for prosperity gospel preacher Mike Murdock, who endorsed Trump at a rally yesterday.

If you’re not familiar with Murdock, he’s the sort of guy who says that your credit card debt will be wiped out if you give him money, that “$1,000 cannot reproduce until it enters into a covenant with the soil” (by which he means his ministry), and that “I haven’t seen a woman as good looking as a $100 bill.”

So it’s a perfect match, really.


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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at the Fight Over Justice Scalia’s Successor

Last night, Seth Meyers took a closer look at the fight over Justice Scalia‘s successor:


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Franklin Graham Says There’s Just “One Election Left” Before Godless Secularists Get All the Power

Did you know Godless Secularists are taking over America?

It’s true. By my count, we’re inching ever-so-close to having one openly non-religious representative in Congress. Or the White House. Or the Supreme Court. Now that would be power!

But while Christians dominate every branch of everything, Franklin Graham told a Florida audience at his “Decision America” tour recently that they needed to defeat “secularism” in the 2016 election or else their religious rights would become an afterthought:


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At Least They Didn’t Edit This Out of the Book

Last year, I got an email from Christian apologist and professor Sean McDowell. He was writing a new book to help Christians respond to modern-day issues (as opposed to the usual arguments about God’s existence and the Bible’s accuracy), and he wanted to include the perspective of skeptics to remind readers of what the “opposition” believes in our own words.

I have no problem being part of that conversation (assuming my words aren’t taken out of context or used in some unintended way).

McDowell’s book, A New Kind of Apologist, comes out soon. As you’d expect with any book written by a Christian, there’s plenty to disagree with in it. But my interview was reprinted fairly and without edits.

Which means this response is now in a book:


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