A Love Song for the Scientifically Literate

Noah Lugeons of the Scathing Atheist podcast wrote and recorded this sweet “Love Song for the Scientifically Literate”:

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Dutch Christian Sect Linked to Another Attempted Murder of Another Former Member

The quiet Dutch town of Laren was the scene of a rather spectacular assassination attempt the other day, when a man named Jeroen van Hasselt was stabbed by a wig-wearing assailant posing as a flower-delivery man.

Nice touch: the blade was hidden in a bouquet of lilies — flowers associated with purity and death.

Van Hasselt and a few brave passers-by managed to overpower the would-be murderer and turned him over to police.

Dutch media report that the attacker, whose name has not been revealed, is a member of the Orde van Transformanten (“Order of Transformers”), a ten-year-old sect of about a hundred people, most of whom live together in a Christian commune in the southwestern town of Hoeven. They claim to emulate Jesus and the original Christians, and try their darnedest to shed “destructive habits” like envy and sloth.

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Answering Christians’ Questions About Openly Gay Football Player Michael Sam

When football superstar Michael Sam came out as gay in the New York Times last weekend, much of the country was ready for it.

We started figuring this out when NBA player Jason Collins came out last year, making him the first openly gay male pro athlete ever. Athletes from lower-level leagues come out every day, and especially as we turn our attention to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, we’re more and more attuned to the destructive consequences of systemic homophobia and its effects on the sporting world.

On its cover this week, Sports Illustrated juxtaposed two telling headlines: “America is ready for Michael Sam” in bold font, next to a smaller “Is the NFL ready for Michael Sam?” Different people have different answers, but a few outspoken advocates who know their football are pretty sure that welcoming a gay player shouldn’t have any effect on the game.

For example, former NFL player Donté Stallworth has tweeted his support for Sam and said that any team afraid to “handle the media coverage” he’ll spark is “already a loser.” Dallas sports anchor Dale Hansen made an even bigger statement criticizing the NFL for welcoming accused rapists and criminals, yet potentially shunning a gay player.

The Christian website Charisma News asked some of these questions, too — but they’ve gotten their answers all wrong. Writer Michael Brown is clearly uncomfortable with LGBT people in general, let alone gay athletes, so he doesn’t even know where to start with Michael Sam. He’s got all kinds of questions about how a pro football team could possibly function with a gay player on the field and in practice and (gasp!) in the locker room.

His answers to those questions were pretty terrible, so I thought I’d step in and help him out. (His questions in bold.)

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Who Gets To Own Words Like Homophobia, Islamophobia, and Misogyny?

Quick followup to my earlier post about Rory O’Neill, the Irish drag queen who got herself in a world of legal hurt after she called specific individuals homophobes.

After I wrote it, I pondered the apparent similarity of “homophobia” to words like “Islamophobia,” “anti-Semitism,” and “misogyny.”

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A Facebook Look Back… at Jesus

Finally, a Look Back video that’s actually enjoyable:

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