The True(est) Story of the Birth of Jesus Christ

Here’s what a Nativity play would look like if a biblical literalist and an obstetrician went halfsies on the production:

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Southern Baptist Leader: Birth Control is the “Sexual Misbehavior” That Led to Same-Sex Marriage

It’s pretty obvious when we examine the language of Christian “pro-life” advocates that much of their opposition to reproductive rights is fueled by a profound contempt for sexually active women.

Thus we hear conservatives dismiss concerns about birth control with comments about how “the gals” should put “aspirin between their knees”; we hear that efforts to make contraception available somehow implies that women “cannot control their libido”; etc. And if a woman wants to end a pregnancy, the pro-life community contemptuously demands that she “take responsibility” — by which they mean, of course, forced birth and no other responsible solution to pregnancy (because they see no other options).

But it doesn’t end there. Even birth control has become a target. Granted, the “pro-life” movement has largely buried this opposition from public view, overshadowed by their attacks on abortion access and framed in the language of “religious freedom.”

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Colorado Middle School Conducts Bible Giveaway During Class

See if you can spot all the legal violations that occurred yesterday at Delta Middle School in Colorado.

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New Paper Shows How Creationist Legislation, Ironically, Evolves Over Time

In a paper that’s both clever and depressing, Nicholas Matzke writes in the journal Science about how minor legislation in one Louisiana town morphed into anti-evolution legislation in a couple of big states.

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Law-Breaking Mississippi School District’s New Board Member Says Church/State Separation is a Myth

I’ve said before that I’ve written more articles about the Rankin County School District in Mississippi than anywhere other school district in the country — never for good reasons. There were mandatory assemblies with Christian speakers. There was a pastor telling children to pray at an awards ceremony. There was the Christian hymn performed during a marching band’s halftime show.

This is a District where church/state separation isn’t even considered a suggestion, much less thought of as a law. And they’ve been fined multiple times because of that. In fact, for every violation from here on out, they owe the plaintiff $10,000.

So when you’re electing a new school board member, you want someone with a strong understanding of the situation.

You want someone who won’t make the same mistakes as the District leaders of the past.

You want someone who respects the law.

What you don’t want is the guy you just got: David Dyess:

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