Texas Congressman is on the Warpath to Make Atheist Military Cadets Swear an Oath Containing ‘So Help Me God’

Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) thinks atheists in the military should be forced to acknowledge God and swear a pledge to the Almighty. He’s even introduced a bill to make that happen.

Johnson’s initiative is a response to the U.S. Air Force top command’s recent decision to make saying “So help me God” optional when cadets pledge they’ll abide by the military code of honor. In other words, cadets who want to say that phrase may just say that, as before; those who don’t will swear the oath just the same, but without the deity reference.

Sound reasonable? Not to Johnson it doesn’t.

On his blog, he writes:

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Daniel Moran is Running for Texas State Representative… As An Open Atheist

Back in August, Dr. Michael Burgess (R-TX) — the guy who believes fetuses can masturbate — set up a town hall meeting and a college student confronted him about the two times he voted to deny non-religious people like Jason Heap from joining the military chaplaincy.

That young man was Daniel Moran:

In their exchange, Burgess completely laughed off the idea of atheist chaplains, calling it a “dumb idea”:

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Sarah Palin: ‘An Angry Atheist with a Lawyer is One of the Most Powerful Persons in America’

In the past month, I’ve sent three separate emails to the company that’s publishing Sarah Palin‘s upcoming book Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas hoping to get a preview copy. No one’s written back to me yet, not even to say, “Not a chance in Hell.” (I guess being on the same blog network as Palin’ daughter Bristol earned me no goodwill.)

But New York Magazine got ahold of the audiobook in advance of Tuesday’s book release and they posted a few choice excerpts, revealing to everyone what we already knew. Palin is like a lazy undergrad: Incapable of doing the slightest bit of research, fully confident in her overblown rhetoric, and unable to experience reality:

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A Science Stocking!

I don’t care if atheists aren’t supposed to celebrate Christmas. I’m getting this, anyway:

(via The Morning Heresy)

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Debunking the Viral ‘Miss Ping’ Video

Last month, an incredible video of a man hitting some knives right into the ping-pong paddles of his partner began going viral on YouTube:

Now, Captain Disillusion, the true skeptic that he is, debunks the whole thing, showing us exactly how it was done:

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