President Obama Says Goodbye to the MythBusters

With the show MythBusters winding down tonight, even President Obama thanked the cast and crew for all the work they’ve done over 14 seasons.


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An Ex-Muslim Explains Why He Left Islam (and Moved from Saudi Arabia to Canada)

An ex-Muslim on Reddit is celebrating getting out of Saudi Arabia and moving to Canada, where he was born.

When he first moved to Saudi Arabia, he was a devout Muslim who “supported apostasy laws,” but he soon realized the horrors of living under Sharia Law — especially when he saw that gay people were being thrown off roofs for the “crime” of homosexuality.

Fair warning: the video below describing his journey is graphic:


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Peter Fonda Will Co-Star in Netflix Movie About American Atheists Founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair

As we learned last July, Netflix will be airing an original movie later this year based on the life of murdered American Atheists founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair:


The Most Hated Woman In America will star Melissa Leo (The Fighter). The director is Tommy O’Haver (An American Crime).

And just announced yesterday? Actor Peter Fonda will join the cast:

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Former Major League Baseball Pitcher Dan Haren Opens Up About His Agnosticism

Dan Haren is a baseball pitcher who just retired after more than a decade in the major leagues. In an interview with journalist Jonah Keri, he spent some time talking about his journey away from religion and what it was like being a self-described Agnostic in the clubhouse.


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“I Am Qadri”: 100,000 Pakistani Muslims Attend Assassin’s Funeral, Admiring His Butchery

Last year, we told you what you can expect if you murder someone for Allah and you live in Pakistan. You might just become an instant folk hero.

That’s what happened to Malik Mumtaz Hussein Qadri. In January of 2011, Qadri, a personal bodyguard, fired more than two dozen submachine-gun rounds into Punjabi governor Salmaan Taseer (pictured), the man he was sworn to protect. Taseer’s crime? He opposed Pakistan’s blasphemy law and had worked for the release of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death for allegedly having insulted Islam’s prophet.


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