Today in San Francisco, the 5th Atheist Film Festival

Today, in San Francisco, the 5th Atheist Film Festival is taking place at the Roxie Theater. (Tickets are still available at the theater if you haven’t purchased them already.)

While most of the movies have been seen in other venues before, there’s one film making its premiere today that I’m particular excited about (only in part because I was interviewed for it). It’s called Hug an Atheist:

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Weekend Quiz: Guess Which of These Religious Practices Are Made Up!

Three of the following 15 behaviors are not a religious or spiritual practice — I made them up. Can you guess which three? No Googling and no peeking at the comments from smartypants readers!

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Five Atheism-Related Stories That Made Me Smile This Week

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses five stories from the past week that made me smile:

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This Atheist Married Into a Prominent Evangelical Christian Family

Andrew Bordoni is a musician and former worship music leader at a church who just came out as an atheist after waffling with Agnosticism for a while. That alone may not be unusual, but there’s one little detail to his story that makes it all the more fascinating:

I married into a massive and very prominent evangelical conservative Christian family.

By prominent I mean that some have worked with and are friends with members of the Bush family, Pastor Rick Warren and other important and powerful people in the Christian and political world.

Some have been and still are Presidents, CEO’s, Investors, Chairmen, Etc… of big and prominent Christian organizations…

Yikes… that’s gotta be awkward, right?

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It’s Hard to Dislike Pope Francis, but Don’t Get Lost in His Charm

Esquire‘s Joe Keohane spoke with the American Humanist Association’s Executive Director Roy Speckhardt to ask him what’s up with Pope Francis lately, what with him being all nice and tolerant and inclusive toward atheists:

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