Church Leader Starved Two-Year-Old Boy to Death to Rid Him of “Demon”

I know religion is only one of many factors involved in this story, so it alone can’t be blamed for what happened… but it reminds us that faith sure as hell doesn’t make you a better, more sensible person.

If it did, then two-year-olds wouldn’t starve to death for superstitious reasons:

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Christian Groups Claim the U.S. Military is a “Hostile Work Environment” for Chaplains Wanting to Proselytize

You know who has it really rough in the military?

Christians. Because I guess the ones in power can’t impose their beliefs on everyone else.

That’s seriously the claim being made by Liberty Institute senior counsel Michael Berry, who thinks the non-proselytizing rule is preventing Christians from joining the military:

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Praying the Gay Away

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Jeb Bush Will Deliver Commencement Address at School Founded by Jerry Falwell

I don’t know how Liberty University became the go-to place for Republicans on the Presidential campaign trail, but it’s a scary thought that the road to the GOP nomination now runs through Lynchburg:

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Christian Auto Shop Owner Won’t Serve Openly Gay Clients

Grandville, Michigan auto repair shop owner Brian Klawiter said on Facebook this week that he would not serve gay customers at Dieseltec.

(How he would know they’re gay is anyone’s guess.)

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