Catholic Priest: Women Are Abused Because They Dress Provocatively and Don’t Cook Warm Meals Anymore

You know how some people think atheists hate Christmas? I am going to humbly put forth the idea that the leaders of the Catholic church are doing their own damage.

First, the Pope wanted to remind us that the real problem with the world was gay people… [Read more...]

A Second Atheist Billboard Vandalized Near Roanoke, Virginia

Four billboards went up in the Roanoke, Virginia last week, sponsored by the Blue Ridge Coalition of Reason

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Peter Higgs, of the Higgs-Boson, Doesn’t Like Richard Dawkins’ Style

Peter Higgs has been a prominent figure in the world of physics for decades, but since the confirmation of the existence of the particle he postulated in 1963, he has become a household name and is in hot demand for interviews for general audiences. He gave one such interview to the Spanish daily El Mundo (you can see relevant bits in English here).

There is no real reason to ask a world-renowned scientist about religion, but Higgs was game. He gets this a lot, I’m sure, since the popular name of the Higgs-Boson particle is “the God particle.” The fact that Higgs himself did not give it this name, does not approve of it, and admits that the name itself was originally slated to be the “Goddamn particle” doesn’t seem to faze reporters one bit. This is the God particle guy, so questions about religion are automatically relevant! [Read more...]

‘Keep Saturn in Saturnalia’ Banner Rejected; ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ Banner Allowed

The Knights of Columbus currently have a sign reading “Keep Christ in Christmas” on government property (without a permit) in Pitman, New Jersey.

Ok. We’ve played this game before. All you have to do is make a request for your atheist holiday banner to be displayed on the same property and you can’t be denied.

So that’s what the Freedom From Religion Foundation did. They applied for a permit to display their sign, which read, “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia”:

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FFRF is Suing the IRS, Claiming That It Gives Preferential Treatment to Religious Groups

Today, the Freedom From Religion Foundation along with their Triangle Freethought Society chapter in North Carolina announced that they, too, are suing the IRS in a federal lawsuit because of the government agency’s “preferential treatment of churches in applying for and maintaining tax-exempt status.”

“Why should churches be exempt from basic financial reporting requirements? Equally important, why would churches not wish be accountable?” asks Annie Laurie Gaylor, FFRF co-president. “Having tax-exempt status is a great privilege, and in exchange for that privilege, all other groups must file a detailed report annually to the IRS and the public on how we spend donations.”

“The unfairness of this is so overwhelming,” says FFRF President Emerita Anne Nicol Gaylor. “There are different rules favoring churches.”

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