Ken Ham: Belief in God is the Only Thing Preventing Miley Cyrus from Committing Pedophilia or Bestiality

Creationist Ken Ham took to his blog yesterday to discuss Miley Cyrus‘ nude photo shoot and accompanying interview in Paper magazine (the same publication that “broke the Internet” with its provocative pictures of Kim Kardashian).

Ham’s thoughts are certainly worth reading — not because he makes sense, but because they offer more insight into his own views of the world.

After some pearl-clutching about Cyrus “shak[ing] her fist at God and promot[ing] sexual perversion,” Ham kindly explains the Creationist version of why-humans-wear-clothes (spoiler: it involves sin in the Garden of Eden).

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Christian Couple: If Australia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, We’re Getting Divorced!

One of the arguments the pro-LGBT-rights side often makes is that marriage equality hurts nobody. After all, if a gay couple gets married, how would that affect someone else’s straight marriage?

Well, Australians Nick and Sarah Jensen have a response to that: If gay marriage is legalized in their country, they’re getting a divorce after ten years together. So there.

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After Being Selected for an Interview with God, Ike Has to Deliver an Important Message

When God selects random-typical-guy Ike Simmons for a one-on-one conversation, not even Ike understands why he was chosen. But God has a special message for him to deliver…

It’s all part of this short film by Eli Shapiro:

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Rick Santorum Questions the Pope’s Use of His Moral Authority to Address Climate Change

Rick Santorum recently made some eyebrow-raising comments about how the Pope should leave science to the scientists with regards to climate change. It was strange not only because those words were coming from Rick Santorum (who is both a climate change denier and a Creationist), but also because he was criticizing Pope Francis for embracing the scientific consensus on the issue.

This incongruity did not escape Fox News host Chris Wallace, who raised the issue during an interview this past weekend with the presidential hopeful:

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Despite What Some Conservatives Are Suggesting, Patrick Stewart Isn’t Jumping Ship on LGBT Rights

There’s been a minor Internet kerfuffle over some comments iconic actor Patrick Stewart recently made in defense of Christian bakers in Northern Ireland who refused to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan on it, and who were subsequently fined.

This seems to have caused particular delight in some quarters of the anti-gay marriage crowd since Stewart is a longtime advocate for LGBT rights and equality — not the kind of person you’d expect to resurrect the standard religious persecution narrative.

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