It’s Been Warming Up Outside, Too…

The Onion weighs in on the recent Pew Research study showing rapid growth in people with no religious affiliation:

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Those Other Religions Are Way Worse Than My Own

It’s always fun when religious people try to explain why other religions are silly… even when it’s satire. Over at College Humor, Johnny Anonymous tries to laugh off Scientology:

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These Indian Children Show Remarkable Wisdom on the Subject of Religion

Here’s a really neat video featuring a bunch of children from India answering questions about religion. At first, they seem a little ignorant on the subject, offering answers that basically amount to calling different religions “Christianity, Islam, and people from the West Coast.”

But when they’re asked if people of other religions are any different from them, their intelligence is apparent: Of course there’s no difference, they all say.

What would the world be like without religion? Oh, just turn on the English captioning and listen to their responses. They’re wonderful.

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Bus Driver Scolds 11-Year-Old Girls for Playing Together, Saying They’re Gay and Will Burn in Hell for It

Last Friday, 11-year-old Maurissa Rushing was on the bus heading to Pathway Academy, a charter school in Kansas City, Missouri. She sat next to her best friend and they played a game that involves one girl’s fingers racing up and down the other’s arm.

When the bus arrived at school, the other kids were let off, but the driver asked Maurissa and her friend to stay behind so she could teach them a lesson:

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Want to Help Get “In God We Trust” Off of the Money?

Many people — monotheistic and atheistic alike — find the inscriptions of “In God We Trust” on U.S. money to be offensive for myriad reasons. In a court of law in a constitutional democracy, however, the only reason that matters is if the practice is unlawful.

And under American law, the practice is clearly unlawful.

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