San Diego Mayor Issues Darwin Day Proclamation

Somehow, this escaped my radar, but San Diego Mayor Bob Filner signed a Darwin Day proclamation earlier this week: [Read more...]

Edward Tarte Introduces His Friend Paul Barlow (UKAngryAtheist) in His First Video

You can see Edward’s YouTube profile page here!

[Link to video] [Read more...]

Saddest. Valentine. Ever.

(via Comic Blasphemy) [Read more...]

Illinois Senate Approves Same Sex Marriage!

Earlier today, on Valentine’s Day, the Illinois Senate passed legislation to allow same-sex marriage in Illinois. [Read more...]

Were You a Youth Group Kid?

BuzzFeed, my favorite time-killer, has another listicle for the former Christian crowd: 33 Ways You Know You Were A Youth Group Kid. Now, I wasn’t a Youth Group Kid personally, but quite a few of my friends were, so I saw plenty of familiar things on the list. For example, this Bible was on my [Read More...]