Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at the Fight Over Justice Scalia’s Successor

Last night, Seth Meyers took a closer look at the fight over Justice Scalia‘s successor:


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Franklin Graham Says There’s Just “One Election Left” Before Godless Secularists Get All the Power

Did you know Godless Secularists are taking over America?

It’s true. By my count, we’re inching ever-so-close to having one openly non-religious representative in Congress. Or the White House. Or the Supreme Court. Now that would be power!

But while Christians dominate every branch of everything, Franklin Graham told a Florida audience at his “Decision America” tour recently that they needed to defeat “secularism” in the 2016 election or else their religious rights would become an afterthought:


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At Least They Didn’t Edit This Out of the Book

Last year, I got an email from Christian apologist and professor Sean McDowell. He was writing a new book to help Christians respond to modern-day issues (as opposed to the usual arguments about God’s existence and the Bible’s accuracy), and he wanted to include the perspective of skeptics to remind readers of what the “opposition” believes in our own words.

I have no problem being part of that conversation (assuming my words aren’t taken out of context or used in some unintended way).

McDowell’s book, A New Kind of Apologist, comes out soon. As you’d expect with any book written by a Christian, there’s plenty to disagree with in it. But my interview was reprinted fairly and without edits.

Which means this response is now in a book:


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New Vatican Document Says Bishops Are Not Obligated to Report Allegations of Abuse to Authorities

It may have taken decades of coverage, widely publicized lawsuits, and countless lives impacted and ruined, but at least — at long last — the Vatican has figured out that it has an absolute duty to protect children who have been molested by Church leaders. Right?

Not at all, it would seem. On the contrary, new Vatican guidelines for reporting sex abuse seem to demonstrate an incredible lack of progress for an organization that has supposedly learned a lot from past mistakes.


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Republicans Are Being Eaten Alive by a Monster of Their Own Creation

In yet another Republican primary debate, the cast of clowns that pass for presidential candidates convened for a performance that more closely resembled a schoolyard Three Stooges routine on steroids than any form of civilized political discourse. It’s not that the hours-long collective temper tantrum was remarkable on its own; such a spectacle is par for the course at this point. What distinguished it from past debates, though, was that the candidates weren’t just raging at the wind this time. No, they’ve turned on each other in breathtaking fashion.

Donald Trump slammed Jeb Bush and former President George W. Bush, lumping them together as he ranted about the war in Iraq. Bush responded by saying that while Trump had been building a reality TV show, his brother had been building a security apparatus. Trump responded by sneering that 9/11 had taken place under W’s watch and that Bush’s mother should be running instead of him.


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