“We Love Mars Hill” Blog Features Stories by People Who Left Mark Driscoll’s Church

Last week another “church survivors” blog got started. This time it’s about Mars Hill, and the stories are so familiar to me. In 2007, another similar blog got started, called SGM Survivors, and on June 9th a second civil suit is being opened in court against the parachurch ministry. When SGM Survivors first got started, I read everything, ravenous to discover that I wasn’t alone in my cognitive dissonance in what the church taught and what I was experiencing there as a member.

I suspect that there are many in Mars Hill churches who will be contributing to this new We Love Mars Hill blog with their stories. Perhaps discovering that their experiences with spiritual abuse there are common will be the sea change for many bound in bondage to abusive religious leaders (like Mark Driscoll, below) to start asking hard questions and begin to leave.

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Irish Archdiocese Official Reacts to 800 Children’s Skeletons in a Sewage Tank: “We Can’t Judge the Past”

I just learned that in Ireland, Father Fintan Monaghan, a Catholic Church official in whose archdiocese the skeletal remains of almost 800 children were found in a septic tank, weighed in with an opinion on the matter.

The bones, if you’ll recall, are those of babies who were born to unwed mothers, and who died under the awful neglect of Bon Secours nuns between 1925 and 1961. The child mortality rate in Irish Catholic institutions for “fallen women” was reportedly as high as fifty percent.

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Stop Spreading the Articles That Claim “Evangelicals Are the Least Faithful”

According to clickbait headlines everywhere, evangelical Christians are not very faithful:

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The Scientific Problems with the Movie “Gravity”

Maybe you didn’t see Gravity, but that’s okay. You’ll still love this video explaining the scientific problems with the movie (with guest narrator Neil deGrasse Tyson!):

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How to Juggle Like a Presuppositionalist

Repeat these three statements, over and over and over

… and you can see a perfect example of it right here.

You can find this image and many others like it on the Friendly Atheist Facebook page!

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