FFRF Will Challenge Judge’s Ruling in Defense of High School Ten Commandments Monument

This is the Ten Commandments monument sitting outside Valley High School in New Kensington, Pennsylvania (not far from Pittsburgh):

It’s been there since 1957, when it was donated by the Fraternal Order of Eagles. For a long time, no one did anything about it, but a few years ago, several plaintiffs filed a lawsuit to have that display removed. After two of them decided they didn’t want to participate anymore, there were only two plaintiffs left: Marie Schaub and her daughter.

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Bremerton School District Won’t Renew Contract with Football Coach Who Couldn’t Stop Praying

Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy, the guy who continued to pray on the field despite several warnings that he was violating the law, will not be on the sidelines at all next year since the District decided not to renew his contract.

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Pastafarians Can Now Perform Weddings in New Zealand

In New Zealand, where a man named Russell made international headlines last year when he wore a colander for his driver’s license picture to represent his Pastafarian faith, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has just made another leap forward.

Adherents are now legally allowed to perform marriage ceremonies.

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James Dobson: Christians Have “Lost The Entire Culture War” Now That Marriage Equality Is Legal

This year has been a big one for LGBT rights, most notably after the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality nationwide. As huge a step as that was, LGBT advocates know there are many more hurdles to full equality, like workplace and housing protections, equal rights for transgender people, and tackling the crisis of LGBT youth homelessness.

But evangelical Christian leader James Dobson isn’t thinking about any of that other stuff. In his mind, it’s all over.

Dobson recently appeared on Andrew Wommack’s The Gospel Truth TV program, where he declared that, with the SCOTUS decision, anti-LGBT Christians have “lost the entire culture war.”

Here’s the clip, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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Pastor Who Says He’s “Completely Disqualified” to Write About Evolution Wants It Banned in Schools

William James Herath is a nutjob fundamental Christian who hates science.

I know this because he goes out of his way to point out how he’s totally not that guy — using those exact words, that’s he’s not a “nutjob fundamental Christian who hates science” — before promoting his new Kickstarter for a book called Evolution is Illegal.

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