Massachusetts Mega-church Votes to Let Women Serve as Elders

The Christian community is still shockingly slow to accept women among their ranks of leadership, which is particularly egregious since one of the earliest Christian bishops was a woman (her name was Junia, and the church later erased her story to pretend she was a dude).

FaithStreet’s Janel Curry reports that Grace Chapel church in Boston, Massachusetts has finally voted to allow women to serve as elders (though it would appear that they still can’t become pastors there):

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Toll Collector Quits Job After Being Told She Can’t Say “God Bless You” to Drivers

Cynthia Fernandez, a toll collector in New Jersey, quit her job last week not long after she was told by her boss not to say “God bless you” to drivers:

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Advice Columnist in Christian Magazine Tells Reader Not to Sign a Prenup Because It Would Diminish Her Marriage

Minister Eddie Kaufholz, writing for the Christian publication Relevant, just offered some of the silliest relationship advice you’ll ever hear this past week, advising reader “Christina” to ignore her parents’ suggestion to get a prenup with her fiancé.

I am all for making your own decisions and parting ways with your parents when their advice reflects a significant disparity with your personal values. But this article frames marriage in a particularly romantic Christian way: It assumes that marriage is an idyllic state of being that can be achieved by magical thinking and cultivated codependency:

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Finally, a Chemistry Demonstration About Religion That I Can Support

After yesterday’s post about a science experiment used to teach kids about Jesus and “sin,” I’m glad someone was able to repeat the experiment in a much more useful way:

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For Those Praying for Protection Against the Islamic State…

Cartoonist Michael Leunig points out the irony:

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