The One Universal Upside of Computers Running the World

Just in case any of you missed The Simpsons on January 3 (I know, I know, how would that be possible?), the episode included a fun little Easter egg.

The question on the board behind Lisa asks, “What if computers ran the world?”


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Mike Huckabee Gets Endorsement from Christian Who Began Starbucks Red Cup Conspiracy Theory

Yesterday, Mike Huckabee released a list of “Conservative Christian and family values leaders” who are endorsing him for President.

There’s a strategic aspect to this I just don’t get. Endorsements are supposed to help you persuade people who are on the fence. If these people like me, you will too!

Conservative Christians supporting Huckabee is supposed to sway who, exactly?

The list includes the usual collection of right-wingers familiar to readers of this site for all the wrong reasons: The anti-gay author of the Left Behind series, an anti-gay pastor who was instrumental in defeating Proposition 8 in California, an anti-gay group leader who made a video saying gays are setting America on fire, etc.

Oh. And this guy:

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“Never Have I Ever” Game Includes Card Suggesting Atheism is a Poor Life Decision

If you’ve ever been out drinking with friends, there’s a chance you may have played “Never Have I Ever.” Someone makes a statement like, “Never have I ever… gone skinny-dipping,” and anyone who has done that takes a shot.

It turns out there’s a non-drinking version of that game available online. It’s called “Never Have I Ever: The Game of Poor Life Decisions.” If you look on Amazon, some of the sample cards offered up by the company say “Never have I ever… dated my sibling’s ex” and “Never have I ever… shown up to Thanksgiving high.” Harmless fun, right?

Reader Amber played the game over the holidays and was shocked to see these cards in the mix:


What sort of fucked up game is this…?

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How Salon Ruined a Writer’s Article by Making It More Antagonistic Toward the New Atheists

On Saturday, Salon published an article by Steve Stankevicius that appeared to be yet another slam on the New Atheists. In other words, a typical Salon article.

The title was “New atheists must become new vegans: Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and the extra burden on moral leaders.”


Those first six words made it sound like a mandate, and it invited the obvious rebuttals that atheism doesn’t mean anything beyond not believing in a god. Atheists don’t have to be Democrats, pro-choice, vegan, etc., even if many are. And the inclusion of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris in the headline makes it sound like the author was purposely attacking them.

What’s ironic about all this is that the person who seems most upset about this article and Salon‘s handling of it is Steve Stankevicius.

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The Atheist Lobby’s New Leader is an “Unaffiliated Christian” Who Wants to Reach Across the Aisle

In May of 2012, the Secular Coalition for America hired a new Executive Director who certainly made a lot of heads turn because of her resume. Edwina Rogers was a Republican who had previously worked for some very conservative politicians. It was an odd choice, at least on paper, to represent mostly liberal atheists on Capitol Hill. But if she could do her job effectively, open doors previously closed to us, and convey the thoughts of millions of Secular Americans to politicians, then her label, I felt, could become an afterthought.

Many of you disagreed. A lot of atheists I’ve spoken to simply never warmed to Rogers in large part because of her political affiliation. Then, in mid-2014, for reasons that are still being debated, Rogers was unceremoniously fired from the SCA. She later sued the organization for wrongful termination and defamation; the lawsuit still hasn’t been officially resolved.

For the past year and a half, the SCA has been under the leadership of interim director Kelly Damerow as its board looked for a new Executive Director. Today, they’re announcing their selection: Larry T. Decker.


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