A Video Game Fit for a God

(by Kristian Nygård, via Optipess)

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Saudi Blogger Raif Badawi Faces Apostasy Charges, Could Be Executed

Saudi blogger and religious dissident Raif Badawi has been cruelly punished and toyed with by the Saudi legal system for about a year now, and things have taken a darker turn. According to Badawi’s wife, now living in Lebanon, the high court will try Badawi on the charge of apostasy. If convicted, Badawi could be executed. [Read more...]

It’s a Christmas Miracle: Man Finds Mother Mary in Tie-Dye Shirt

No fabric design comes as close to being an outright Rohrschach test as the run-together colors of a tie-dye shirt. Nonetheless,

A Florida man said he was shocked to discover an image of the Virgin Mary over the heart area of a homemade tie-dye T-shirt.

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The War on Christmas: Ken Burns Edition

Slate reimagines the War on Christmas as if it were a Ken Burns documentary:

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A Short Film on Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, and Deep Love

A few days ago, many of us marked the anniversary of the death of Carl Sagan. Since becoming part of the larger community of nonbelievers, I continue to be taken aback by how strongly so many of us continue to feel about that loss. I was more or less alone among my circle of friends [Read More...]