Bobby Jindal Blames Shooter’s Father and “Cultural Decay” for Oregon College Tragedy

Bobby Jindal is a joke of a politician. He’s run his state of Louisiana into the ground and continues a presidential campaign with less than one percent of GOP support on a platform that says immigrants need to assimilate better. He’s long been the discount store version of Mike Huckabee‘s fire and brimstone, so the idea of him Bible-thumping for attention is far from surprising.

In a post for the conversation website Red State, though, Jindal has sunk to new and deplorable lows.

He starts out predictably, booming about “cultural decay” and “rot.” He says our boys will “never become real men,” complains that video games are poisonous, laments how God is absent from the family, and claims gun control doesn’t matter. It’s the same old culture war routine he’s been delivering for a decade now.

But then he makes a sharp turn towards ugly. After pounding out his list of what really ails this country, he takes aim at the shooter’s father:

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Dr. Ben Carson Explains His Delusional Hero Fantasy in the Event of a Mass Shooting

Many of the GOP presidential candidates have managed to muck up their public responses to the Oregon college shooting.

Jeb Bush told us “stuff happens.” Mike Huckabee told us the shooting was a product of sin. Most of the rest hypocritically pointed to the state of our mental healthcare system. Dr. Ben Carson was no different, but he’s been far more concerned with preaching than politicking.

Ignoring reports that the shooter did not, in fact, target Christians and the slew of information suggesting there were very different motivating factors that pushed him to commit his dastardly deed, Carson posted online a picture of himself holding up a sign declaring, “I AM A CHRISTIAN.”

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Evangelist Wants to Know If You’d Say “Yes, I’m a Christian” with a Gun to Your Head

Vertical-video-addict and Christian evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, last seen getting humiliated on national television, is back with his latest lie.

He believes all nine of the victims of the Oregon college shooting were Christian martyrs who died because they had the courage to admit their faith to the gunman. We’ve posted repeatedly about how that wasn’t the case at all. A couple of the victims were decidedly non-religious and the ones who were Christian did not appear to be killed because of their faith. None of that takes away from the tragedy of the situation, of course, but it’s a lie to claim this was an anti-Christian attack.

Not that Feuerstein ever cared about honesty. Christian persecution is his currency and he’s always cashing in. In his latest video, he asks viewers if they would have the courage to say “Yes, I’m a Christian” with a gun to their head. Because that’s how society works now.

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Sen. Ted Cruz Laments Removal of Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments Monument

Reason has prevailed and the Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol has been taken down! Removed in the dark of night, likely in an attempt to avoid a public scene, the patently unconstitutional display of religion is finally gone. Twitter conservatives have responded predictably, of course, but Sen. Ted Cruz clearly saw this as a campaign opportunity.

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Progressives Need to Stop Idolizing Pope Francis

Pope Francis made waves in 2013 when he said, while talking to reporters, “If someone is gay and searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge?” On the surface, this looked like a huge win for Progressives, since a major religious leader — if not the major religious leader — had just publicly said that he would not judge gay people.

Well, this wasn’t exactly the case.

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