In Satire, Jailed Missionary Tells Iraqi Christian Why He Won’t Really Be Persecuted in the U.S.

In the excellent scripted video below, a jailed American Christian missionary meets an Iraqi Christian in the cell next door. They talk about all the persecution the Iraqi man and his family currently have to face.

So the American tells him to come back to the U.S. with him, where they will all be safe… only to have the Iraqi decline the offer. After all, the Iraqi watches Fox News Channel. He hears what Christian leaders say in public. If the U.S. is as anti-Christian as all of them claim it in, why would anyone want to live there?!

That’s when the American has to explain how Christians aren’t *really* persecuted in the U.S. That’s just scary rhetoric Christian leaders like to use to keep everyone in line…

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The Church of England is Mad That Theaters Won’t Run a Pro-Prayer Ad Before the New Star Wars Film

Digital Cinema Media, a company that handles advertisements for many of the largest movie chains in the UK, has a simple policy against running religious and political ads before films. Why offend some paying customers just before they settle in for a couple of hours?

That’s why they rejected this minute-long ad from the Church of England promoting prayer:

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Students Surround Homophobic Campus Preacher, Then Dance to “Hotline Bling”

When do you do when a campus preacher is yelling at women wearing yoga pants, calling them whores, while wearing a “God Destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah” shirt?

You form a circle of joy around him and dance the way your daddy taught you.

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How Nebraska May Overturn Its Death Penalty Ban

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how Nebraska may overturn its death penalty ban:

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Secular Invocation Delivered in Volusia County, Florida

On Thursday in Volusia County, Florida, David Williamson delivered a secular invocation during a Council meeting.

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