Pastor Claims Mark Twain Was Demonically Possessed

Pop quiz. Was Mark Twain

1. an atheist,
2. an agnostic, or
3. a deist?

Well, the author’s name is on Wikipedia’s list of agnostics.

Also, on its list of deists. Hmm. [Click the headline for more...] [Read more...]

Rediscovering ‘The Human Bible’ (A Little Too Late)

Since February of last year, Dr. Robert Price has been hosting his solo podcast The Human Bible for CFI. It’s a show in which Bob brings his encyclopedic knowledge and his trademark humor to demystifying the many layers of myth and conjecture about the Bible. The bad news is that it’s coming to an end (at least as a CFI podcast, though Bob does his own thing as well). Funding and listenership were, of course, among the big culprits.

And I admit, I had kind of lost track of it myself. You see I have to consume a great deal of skepto-atheist media in my work, usually very quickly, so even things that CFI produces, things I really love such as Point of Inquiry and the magazines Free Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer, can pile up. [Click headline for more...] [Read more...]

Win Sam Harris’s Money

Sam Harris has apparently grown weary of what he considers ill-informed attacks on his book The Moral Landscape and its central thesis, that science can be used to definitively determine whether something is “right” or “wrong” morally. So weary, in fact, he’s willing to shell out his own cash and endure a public humiliation if he’s taken down. [Click headline for more...] [Read more...]

You Sure About That, Facebook?

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Buzzfeed vs. the Good Book

I must admit, this is not territory I expected Buzzfeed to cover, and yet here we are. The irreverent listicle king of the interwebz delves into theology with its roundup, “The 16 Most Bizarre Moments In The Bible.” [Click headline for more...] [Read more...]