Why Atheists Should Appreciate the Bible

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why atheists should appreciate the Bible:

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Ohio Muslim Group Posts Ad in Local Paper Condemning Islamic Terrorism

A Muslim group in Columbus, Ohio ran a newspaper ad on Sunday in an effort to get the visibility the local media wasn’t offering them.

After members of the Turkish American Society of Ohio heard criticism that peaceful Muslims weren’t doing enough to condemn acts of violence committed in the name of their faith, the group took a creative approach to making their stance clear: They purchased a sizable block of space in the Columbus Dispatch voicing their dissent.


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God-Bothering War Protester Dodges Taxes For Religious Reasons; Judge Will Have None Of It

An Australian woman says paying taxes doesn’t fit with her religion, so she refused to file a return for 10 years. 

The court caught up with her yesterday and fined her $8,500 (US$6,000), which is a mild sentence considering the alternative; Clemencia Barnes, 68, could have been put in jail for eight years.

She failed to lodge a tax return between 2000 and 2010, and early last year was ordered by the Launceston Magistrates Court to do so. However, she failed to lodge the returns and was subsequently charged with failing to comply with [a] court order.

She told Mr. Marron [the judge] … that she had a right to live by her religious ideology. “She said that to comply would be a denial of her own beliefs,” he said. “She said she could not support a system that waged war on Iraq.”


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Tiger-Goat Friendship is Gay Propaganda, Warns Russian Lawyer

It was one of those unusual stories out of the animal kingdom that seemed to elicit a reaction of awwww from everybody: A Siberian tiger at Russia’s Primorsky Safari Park befriended a goat back in November.

The goat, Timur, had been intended as food for the tiger, Amur, but won the big cat over with a show of courage when he

… took over the enclosure at a safari park near Vladivostok, forcing the tiger to sleep on the roof of his own lean-to. The media was soon full of footage of the two playing together, and Timur’s fans have even begun a campaign to elect him to parliament, arguing that he would be braver and more honest than current MPs.


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Well, That Explains God’s Priorities…

Priorities FlattenedThumb

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