13 Years Ago, the Twin Towers Fell to Religious Fanaticism. Here’s Fearless Footage of What It Was Like on the Ground

Mark LaGanga is as brave as the first responders he captured on September 11, 2001. LaGanga, a video journalist with CBS, was driving down Manhattan’s West Side Highway when he did his duty: he grabbed his camera and got out to walk straight into a real-life Armageddon.

I’d never seen this footage until today.

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Bill Maher Discusses the Problem with Islam on Charlie Rose

Bill Maher appeared on Charlie Rose Tuesday night to discuss his upcoming comedy special and, as expected, the conversation eventually steered to religion. Maher made the point that people like Sam Harris have been making for a while: Criticism of what the Koran says seems off-limits these days and moderate Muslims are not doing enough to denounce the extremists.

The segment begins at the 31:15 mark, though the religion part begins around 39:39:

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On Behalf of 17 Re-Enlisting Air Force Officers, Military Religious Freedom Group Asks Defense Secretary to Fix Oath

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation‘s Mikey Weinstein just sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on behalf of 17 officers, urging him to put a stop to the Air Force’s bizarre enforcement of an oath that includes the unnecessary words “So Help Me God”:

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Missouri State Rep. Sues Obama Administration Because His Insurance Covers His Daughters’ Birth Control

A Missouri lawmaker and his wife are suing the Obama administration over the Affordable Care Act’s minimum coverage requirements for contraception. State Representative Paul Wieland (care to guess his party affiliation?) and wife Theresa Wieland argue that no-cost access to birth control for their daughters (two of whom are adults, ages 18 and 19) violates their religious beliefs. As it further violates their beliefs to drop their children from their plan, they are seeking a judgment to intervene on their behalf.

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Arkansas Elementary School Held Assembly for Students Featuring Faculty Prayers and Questions About Church Attendance

Religious assemblies are bad enough when they take place at public high schools. But when an elementary school puts one on, I just get this icky, disgusted feeling. There’s a sense of “Let’s get ‘em while they’re young” that suggests kids who are old enough to think for themselves will never buy what you’re selling them.

That’s why it’s so frustrating to learn that officials at Central Elementary School in Arkansas’ Van Buren School District saw no problem hosting one of those assemblies.

A letter sent by the Freedom From Religion Foundation this week offered details of what happened:

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