Teenage Waiter Disappointed After Receiving Fake $20 Tip from Christian Proselytizer

A 17-year-old waiter in Kansas says that he was the recipient of a fake $20 tip — a proselytizing message, printed to look like a folded twenty-dollar bill.

Garrett Wayman posted pictures of the tip on his Twitter account, commenting “someone seriously left this as my tip today. pissed is an understatement.”


Wayman’s frustration is understandable, not least of all because the penny-pinching proselytizer didn’t even leave a real tip.

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When It Comes to The Satanic Temple, Christians Seem to Love Bearing False Witness

On December 30, we learned that the town council of Brookville, Indiana had voted unanimously to disallow a Nativity display that had, for the past 50 years, resided each holiday season on their county’s Courthouse lawn. This reaction was the result of a lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of The Satanic Temple (TST) and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). The county had rejected our own applications for putting up displays near the Nativity, prompting the legal action.

The suit was settled, as National Law Journal explained, “with the condition that Franklin County will allow local residents and churches to erect nonreligious displays outside the courthouse.” Groups like ours only needed a local contact to file for the permit.

It was a victory in the name of pluralism.

That’s why it was alarming when the Christian Post completely rejected the very facts of the lawsuit and its outcome, framing the entire affair as a defeat for the non-Christian side and The Satanic Temple in particular.


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There’s a Petition Asking God to Return David Bowie from the Dead

God is being petitioned to bring David Bowie back to life, because, frankly, us Earthlings are not taking “dead” for an answer.

The Change.org petition titled “Say no to David Bowie dead” (to the point, I like it) began in Rome by Andrea Natella two days ago and quickly picked up steam on Twitter.

Makes sense, I suppose. After all, Jesus got crucified only because he didn’t reach the threshold on his own petition in time. That only happened three days later.


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Another Compilation of Penn Jillette’s Best Arguments and Comebacks

Here’s another compilation of Penn Jillette‘s best arguments and comebacks:


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The One Universal Upside of Computers Running the World

Just in case any of you missed The Simpsons on January 3 (I know, I know, how would that be possible?), the episode included a fun little Easter egg.

The question on the board behind Lisa asks, “What if computers ran the world?”


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