Florida Appeals Court Reinstates Mandatory Waiting Period for Women Seeking Abortions

A Florida law designed to protect women from the pernicious idea that they’re adults capable of making their own medical choices without government imposed time-outs has just been green-lit by an appeals court.

The law had been passed last year, requiring a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion. These laws are one of many tactics in the anti-abortion playbook — a set of rules targeting (and unique to) women’s healthcare. Such laws present women with added burdens and increased costs — as they mean a woman has to make multiple appointments, which requires additional travel to and from the clinic, multiple potential absences from work, etc.


A previous court order had blocked enforcement of the restriction:

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All the Pathetic Ways Donald Trump Has Pandered to His Christian Base

How embarrassed should evangelical Christians be by their community’s support for Donald Trump?

Well, here’s a great compilation of the various — and simply pathetic — ways Trump has pandered to a Christian audience by claiming to be far more faithful than he really is:


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Cardinal George Pell Admits “Enormous Mistakes” in Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal

Cardinal George Pell is the Catholic Church leader who is allegedly responsible for covering up instances of child sexual abuse by priests in Victoria, Australia. He now lives in the Vatican, where he serves as Pope Francis‘ top financial adviser. That’s mighty convenient since the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is currently investigating the matter in Australia, which he could attend in person due to a sickness.

But yesterday, Pell testified for four hours via video while dozens of abuse survivors sat in person to listen to his testimony:


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Make America Drumpf Again!

While everyone else was watching the Academy Awards last night, John Oliver made a fair point about Donald Trump: If his last name wasn’t associated with success in the minds of so many people, would he really be as popular as he currently is?

And that’s why he should go back to his family’s ancestral name: Drumpf!


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Why Do We Have Leap Years? Let Neil deGrasse Tyson Explain

We welcome any excuse to listen to The Neil talk about science:


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