Cartoon Depicts Transgender Rights as a Threat to Women and Children

A frequent theme among anti-trans crusaders is the need to “protect” people — usually women and children — from the horrors of sharing space with transgender people — usually trans women. Bathrooms are a popular target, with the Christian Right painting the need to pee as some sort of nefarious scheme to prey on victims. (Conservative lawmakers are only too happy to pursue legislative “fixes” to this nonexistent problem — going so far as to target kids.)

Despite the fearmongering, though, they rarely explain how, exactly, it’s damaging or dangerous if a trans woman is using the stall next to you. You’re just supposed to be afraid. Very, very afraid.

There’s probably a good reason that they don’t elaborate on these ridiculous concerns. Because when they try to move beyond vaguely defined but visceral fears, their objections are revealed to be utterly baseless and absurd.

Like this cartoon, from “Comically Incorrect” cartoonist A. F. Branco:


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Donald Trump Repeats Lie About General Who Killed 49 Muslims with Bullets Dipped in Pig’s Blood

A couple of weeks ago, Donald Trump told a story about a U.S. general who tortured and murdered Muslims with bullets dipped in pig’s blood in order to show them a lesson.


That story wasn’t true. And the media reported as much.

So that’s the last time we should hear it, right?

Of course not.

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Pastor Mark Driscoll Has Been Sued for What Plaintiffs Call a “Pattern of Racketeering”

Donald Trump isn’t the only person being accused of racketeering.

It looks like Pastor Mark Driscoll (below, with his wife) and his Mars Hill colleague Sutton Turner are also being charged with accepting money for church projects that never actually came to fruition.


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Psychic Medium: If Atheists Tell Suicidal People Not to Speak to Me, Blood is on Their Hands

Christine Pavlina is a psychic medium who, like everyone else in that world, claims to have the ability to talk to dead people. She has no evidence to back this up, of course, but that’s never stopped people like her from making money off of gullible, grieving people.

In a video released yesterday, Pavlina attempted to respond to some of the arguments offered by atheist critics.

But her first rebuttal shows you just how futile that’s going to be. As if it’s a settled science, she explains: “A Higher Power does exist. Period. End of story. It’s the truth. It’s the light. It’s not debatable. It’s not up for discussion. And it’s not up for opinion. This is a fact.”

It gets much worse at the 7:44 mark:


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Louisiana Judge Rules That Priests Don’t Have to Report Abuse if They Hear It During Confession

A Louisiana judge has struck down part of a mandatory reporting law that requires priests to report suspected child abuse.

Because religious freedom, that’s why.


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