Creationist Complains Because Christian School Only Promotes Creationism, Not Young Earth Creationism

You may recall that Bryan College, a Christian school in Dayton, Tennessee, was considering a change last month to its statement of faith that all faculty members have to sign. It would be revised to include a section regarding the origin of man.

“We believe that all humanity is descended from Adam and Eve. They are historical persons created by God in a special formative act, and not from previously existing life forms.”

In other words, you had to be a Creationist. No room for theistic evolution (much less how it actually happened).

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The Force Is With Him, But Prison Authorities Aren’t

After Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Judaism, what is the largest religion in the U.K.?

In the 2011 census, no fewer than 177,000 Brits ticked the box next to “Jedi Knight” — more than those who checked atheism, agnosticism, and humanism combined. (It’s possible that claiming to be a Jedi Knight is very much born from the desire to poke established faiths in the eye.)

Now, one of the Jedis is protesting his treatment by Her Majesty’s prison authorities.

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For the Second Straight Year, Rhode Island Governor Signs “Day of Reason” Proclamation

Yesterday, Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee issued a proclamation marking May 1 as the Day of Reason:

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This Clever Shirt Features an Acceptable Use of the Term “YOLO”

Here’s an opportunity to help a Secular Student Alliance affiliate raise some money while getting a reward of your own :)

The Secular Student Alliance at Old Dominion University (in Virginia) is fundraising by selling t-shirts online. The front of the shirt has a phrase that we all know and love…

… but I think that SSAODU gets a pass on using this decade’s most cringeworthy catchphrase because the back of the shirt is just so darn clever!

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Growing Up In an Apocalyptic Cult — One Woman’s Story of Sex and Insanity

What’s it like to grow up in a cult? Flor Edwards (below), over at the website Narratively, sheds some light with a long personal story that is both fascinating and tonally flat — as if her childhood, overshadowed by apocalyptic messages that forced her to constantly think about her own impending death, left her emotionally and artistically closed off.

But perhaps this apparent stuntedness conveys more about the realities of such an upbringing than reams of deeply reflective prose could.

Edwards’ parents had fallen under the sway of a charismatic hippie preacher from California named David Brandt Berg, who founded the Jesus-inspired Children of God (later called the Family of Love or simply the Family).

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