There’s Only One Royal Baby…

… and his name is Jesus:

That’s just a sampling of what some Christians are saying on Twitter. The cringe levels are high on this one.

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Why Can’t Jason Heap Become a Military Chaplain?

Jason Heap wants to become a chaplain in the U.S. Navy and he seems perfectly qualified to do so: He has two master’s degrees, passed his physicals, and completed the paperwork… but Kimberly Winston tells us that what he doesn’t have is the endorsement of a religious organization (***Edit***: I should say that he does have the endorsement of a religious group, just not one approved by the Navy):

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These People Wrongly Believe Atheists Will Be Angry About the Ten Commandments Monument on Their Church’s Property

Over the weekend, a Ten Commandments monument was unveiled in front of St. Paul’s AME Church in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, courtesy of the group Thou Shall Not Move.

You’re probably thinking: Who cares? That’s not a story.

You’d be right.

But the church members — for reasons that have everything to do with a complete lack of understanding about how the law works — thought they were hoisting up a giant middle finger to atheists:

“Freedom from religion offends Christians,” Colatch said. “Christians don’t believe that atheists should tell us what we can and cannot do. This monument is the free speech zone.

“They have wakened up people of this area,” Colatch said. “We decided to stand up for Freedom of religion — not from religion. No one is going to move this stone. We will not allow it. We’ve decided to stand up for this monument and to stand up for Jesus Christ.”

And the atheist response has been a collective:

Seriously, it’s fine. No atheist group has any plans to take down this monument.

So what’s this all about?

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Great Easter Egg on the Cover of Seattle’s The Stranger

Somehow, I missed this when The Stranger came out last week, but I couldn’t resist posting it (click image to enlarge):

Once you see it…

While you’re at it, Seth Mnookin has posted a chapter from his book The Panic Virus online, covering Jenny McCarthy‘s rise to prominence and her anti-vaccine beliefs.

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Why Atheists ‘Obsess’ Over Religious Beliefs

We’ve probably all been confronted with some variation on this question from frustrated theists or apathetic “nones” who find our whole movement a little baffling: Why do you atheists spend so much time worrying about a God you don’t even believe exists? If you think he’s not real, why not just let it go at that?

Austin Cline,’s Atheism and Agnosticism guide, recently highlighted just such a query from a reader, one who reaches a conclusion that requires something of a Super Mario-worthy leap:

Doesn’t [atheists'] obsession with non-belief indicate that they secretly do believe? Otherwise, wouldn’t their actions be inconceivable?

I can’t for the life of me put that one together. Even if you grant the premise that atheists are irrationally obsessed with their lack of belief, there’s no connection I can imagine that thereby leads to “therefore they actually are theists, Q.E.D.” Maybe that whole “denial ain’t just a river in Egypt” thing? I dunno, I’m reaching.

But that’s not really what I wanted to highlight about this post. I particularly liked Cline’s conclusion at the end of his post:

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