Catholic Bishop Says Being Gay is Like Having Down Syndrome: It’s Not What God Intended

Here’s some unsolicited advice: If you don’t understand a topic, stop pretending to be an expert in it. So if you’re an unmarried virgin, your advice on sex and marriage ought to be taken with a huuuuuge grain of salt.

Irish Catholic Bishop Kevin Doran (below) didn’t take any of that advice. During an interview with the NewsTalk Breakfast radio show, his ignorance on a variety of subjects came through loud and clear.

Like when he said gay couples with kids weren’t really parents:

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Muslim Lawyer in India Files Suit to Allow Marriage to Underage Girls

Oh noes! The religious freedom to marry children is under attack in India!

On Thursday, Justice C T Selvam had disallowed marriage of a 15-year-old Muslim girl, saying, “This court cannot, and would not, pass an order by virtue of which little girls become child brides.”

Stung by the court’s ongoing meddling in the affairs of Muslims,

On Friday, Madurai-based advocate M Mohamed Abbas filed a PIL [public interest litigation, intended for the protection of the public interest] faulting government officials who had foiled the marriage of a 16-year-old girl.

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Egyptian Apostate, Accused of Blasphemy, Wants to Flee Abroad: “Life Is Not Possible For Atheists Here”

Today, Karim al-Banna will learn if an appeals court has decided to affirm his three-year jail term for “insulting” Islam. If he doesn’t have to stay behind bars, Al-Banna, a former Muslim Brotherhood member who became an atheist, would like to leave the country. Egypt, he says, is a horribly inhospitable place for a non-believer.

All I want now is to leave Egypt. Life is not possible for atheists here,” the 23-year-old engineering student told AFP from his home in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria. If he loses the appeal over his self-declared atheism on Facebook, Banna’s last resort would be Egypt’s cassation court. Arrested in November, he was released on bail after having spent 55 days behind bars. “It was like living in a tomb,” he said.

Even his own father betrayed him, testifying against his son to avoid being tainted by the “scandal” surrounding al-Banna.

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Reproduction Rights and Wrongs

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Church Affiliated with University of Arizona Was a Cult, Say Former Members and Employees

Faith Christian Church, which has operated on the campus of the University of Arizona for decades now, is essentially a criminal-led cult. Those are the claims of 30 former members and employees (and their parents) who say it took a long time to get over what happened to them. Carol Ann Alaimo and Emily Bregel [Read More…]