Bibles in Hotel Rooms: What Can We Do With Them?

I’m going on a five-day trip today, and there’s no doubt what I’ll find in the nightstands of the hotel rooms where I’ll be staying.

Just from a marketing point of view — that is, apart from the fact that I don’t believe in gods — it’s still amazing to me that hotels would provide, as a default, Bibles (or any choice of religious literature) to all of their guests. Where’s the sense in potentially irritating multitudes of customers who are Jews, or Buddhists, or Muslims, or agnostics?

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This is How You Know It’s Good to Be Christian

In case you’re ever wondering what Christian privilege looks like, check out this singing flash mob that broke out into song at a Chattanooga mall:

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For Years, Minister Raped Young Teens With Parents’ Tacit Approval; Manhunt Underway

“I always thought I’d be seeing him on TV,” Stanley Barnard told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, referring to his son Victor.

But not like this.

The son, 52, seems to have been bright and athletically gifted in his younger days. Then he became a minister and began to think of himself as someone who wielded influence, even power. It brought out the worst in him. Eventually (and allegedly), the Rev. Victor A. Barnard began recruiting young girls for sex.

Now he’s a fugitive from justice, and the subject of a nationwide warrant and a manhunt.

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The Gospel Isn’t Gospel

NonStampCollector points out that the most sensible explanation for some of the contradictory statements in the Bible is also the one that tend to be rejected by believers:

If only that last column were an acceptable option for most Christians…

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An Atheist’s Guide to Mortality

Kirk Israel has written what he calls the “Skeptical Nerd’s Guide to Your Own Mortality.” The entire thing is online (with illustrations by UK artist James Harvey) at the chuckle-worthy website

I’d love to see this turned into a physical book!

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