Non-Religious Students Make Up More Than a Third of Harvard’s New Freshman Class

It’s not a scientific survey by any means, but Harvard’s newspaper, The Crimson, asked incoming freshman to fill out a survey in order to assess various demographic trends. More than 70% of students responded. The section about religious beliefs, in particular, is unbelievable:

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Irish Bishop Says Catholics Can’t Support LGBT Center “On Moral Grounds” Because It Will Harm City’s Poor

In Galway, Ireland, a vaguely Christian volunteer group called the St Vincent de Paul (SVP) Society has given a grant to a local LGBT group. It’s meant to help them create an LGBT community resource center, a much-needed space in a traditionally Catholic area.

Local Catholic bishop Martin Drennan (below), however, has jumped in at the last minute to protest because he says building the center will hurt the poor and “send the wrong message” about Christian charities.

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If the Duck Dynasty Guy Can’t Convince Atheists To Watch the Left Behind Movie, Nothing Will…

The Left Behind movie starring Nicolas Cage just got an endorsement from Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson. If you’re a conservative Christian, I’ll give you a moment to adjust your pants. If you’re like me, you’re still wondering who the hell Willie Robertson is.

Well, he’s the guy who thinks you’re going to convert to Christianity after you watch a movie about the Rapture:

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A Debate on the Existence of God Between Dan Barker and Matt Slick

At this year’s Freethought Festival at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Freedom From Religion Foundation co-President Dan Barker debated Christian apologist Matt Slick on the topic of God’s existence:

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 14: Daniel Dennett, Author and Philosopher

Our latest podcast guest is author and philosopher Daniel Dennett:

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