Parenting Without God Isn’t Just a Good Option It’s Increasingly Looking Like the Better One

Last month, an op-ed about secular parenting by Phil Zuckerman, author and Pitzer College professor of Sociology and Secular Studies, was published in the LA Times. In the piece, Zuckerman discusses his own and other researchers’ work, in measuring the success, or lack thereof, of raising kids to be “good without God.”

And the results seem to indicate the secular community is doing as good a job, and in some measures possibly a better job, than their peers.

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This Jesus Impersonator Gets Voluntarily Crucified, With Real Nails, Year After Year

All hail Rolando Ocampo. He’s a carpenter, which is perfect for a Jesus imitator. Every year at Easter, Rolando gets tied to a cross, then has actual nails driven through the palms of his hands. He’s been doing it since 1990, which means that this year is Rolando’s silver crucifixion anniversary.

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Christian Writer Advises Women to Leave Porn-Viewing “Addict” Boyfriends

Kevin Kukla at has a very important message for women: if your boyfriend watches porn, he’s “addicted” and you should dump him as soon as possible.

Now this might seem like just another odious facet of fundamentalist Christianity’s repressive views on sexuality, but Kukla’s reasons are so compelling that he’s bound to sway people.

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From Good Samaritan To Accused Liar: Virginia Pastor Made Up Robbery By Black Man, Investigators Say

On Thursday, Virginia pastor George Hunley told police he’d been shot and robbed after he pulled over to help another motorist. The local news was calling him a Good Samaritan. Within a day, police were calling him something else: a liar.

Nothing about Hunley’s story adds up, the investigating officers in Louisa, Virginia say. His wallet and other valuables he was supposedly robbed of were found in the car he says he drove himself home in, but the vehicle didn’t yield a single drop of fresh blood.

While the cops are so far declining to say what they think transpired and how Hunley really got his bullet wounds, they placed him under arrest and charged the pastor with making false statements to the police.

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Atheist Who Spent a Decade Behind Bars Talks About the Flourishing of Fringe Religions in Jail

Last year, we learned that Daniel Genis, who had been sent to jail for committing a series of armed robberies, was bartering with his fellow prisoners. If they wanted money from him, all he asked for in return was… their souls.

It was all in good fun — until he was charged with “unauthorized exchange” and sentenced to 90 days in solitary confinement.

Now, in a piece for the Washington Post, Genis reflects on the flourishing of religion, especially fringe versions of it, in prison:

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