Tales of Roman Emperors Feeding Christians to the Lions Are Titillating to Christians… and Wholly Made Up

Cracked‘s J. Wisniewski  just published an entertaining article headlined 5 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About Ancient Civilizations.

Lie #3 is the tale of Christians being thrown to the lions by hard-hearted Roman emperors. In truth,

There are zero authentic accounts of Christian martyrdom in the Colosseum until over a century after Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. In fact, not a single legitimate record exists of the Romans executing any Christians in the Colosseum. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

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Christians Are Creating a Scouting Group of Their Own… Because the Boy Scouts of America Is Too Inclusive(?!)

It’s not like the Boy Scouts of America isn’t godly already.

The Scout Oath requires members to promise “To do my duty to God and my country.”

The Scout Law requires members to be “reverent.”

And, because the BSA offers no alternatives to those two things, the organization effectively bans atheists from becoming members.

That’s still not enough for John Stemberger and Rob Green. Because the BSA is now allowing gay scouts to join the organizations, they’re retaliating by creating a Christian alternative. It doesn’t have a name yet, but it does have a website:

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Why Are Non-Religious People Unhappy About the Growing Number of Non-Religious People?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, answers the question: Why are non-religious people unhappy about the growing number of non-religious people?

(You can read more about the study in question here.)

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Evolutionary Art

I saw this in Freethought Today and had to share it. It’s a painting by LaVera Langeman called “Evolution“:

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Pedophile Priest Uses a Ticket to Heaven to Manipulate His Victim

This is one of the cases that pushes so many of us from being mere atheists into becoming angry atheists. It’s a case of unadulterated religious abuse — the kind that wouldn’t be possible if we taught our children critical thinking instead of unsubstantiated faith and unthinking respect for authority. This is the kind of thing that lends credence to the argument that “religion poisons everything.”

Like so many others before him, and doubtless many more to come, Belfast priest James Martin Donaghy has been convicted of sexual assault — a total of seventeen offenses against three boys, though he has since admitted to the existence of other victims. These were boys he found and groomed through his work as a parish priest. Tragic, infuriating, but hardly unusual.

The devil, you might say, is in the details.

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