Jenny McCarthy Is Not Making the World a Better Place

There’s an article up at Yahoo called “7 Celebrity Activists Who Make the World a Better Place” and you’re not going to believe who’s #1 on their list…

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Calgary Secular Church Keeps the Community While Ditching the Faith

Keeping with the trend of atheists finding community in church-like services that lack the superstition and mythology found in religion, the National Post‘s Jen Gerson has a great article on the Calgary Secular Church: After several years living the godless life, [Korey] Peters and his wife, who was raised an Anglican, were at peace with [Read More...]

Sam Harris is Crowdsourcing Changes to His Next Book (Prizes Are Involved)

In 2011, Sam Harris released a long essay called “Lying.” It was available as a Kindle single, but not as a physical book.

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Atheist Cop Gets Demoted to Car-Washer After Refusing to Lead Prayer

Alvin Marrero-Méndez is an atheist and a cop from Puerto Rico. Those two worlds collided a year ago when he and 40 of his colleagues met up to decide how to handle issues in Carolina (in the northern part of Puerto Rico).

It was at that meeting when Commander Guillermo Calixto-Rodríguez asked for a volunteer to lead the group in prayer (PDF): [Read more...]

Protesters Support Gay Student Harassed by Catholic Teacher

Two dozen protesters rallied outside a Catholic school board office in Ontario, Canada this week to support a high school student who says she was bullied by a teacher for being gay.

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