Congressman Swipes Pope’s Water After Speech, Hoping for Good Luck

On Friday, after Pope Francis spoke to a joint session of Congress, he left behind a glass of water.

And then this weirdness happened:

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Bill Maher Tackles Conservative Heroes Who Turn Out to Have Major Flaws

On Real Time Friday night, Bill Maher tackled those “real Americans” conservatives love to put on a pedestal… only to find out they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Kim Davis, Josh Duggar, the list goes on:

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A “Spiritual Medium” Reveals a Secret

The truth comes out! And it’s just what we always suspected…

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Oath Keepers Will Guard “Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins” Sign Even Though It’s Coming Down

Remember earlier this month when the conservative militant group Oath Keepers offered to “protect” Kim Davis from law enforcement officials if they tried to send her back to jail? It was a scary thought because these vigilantes with guns were suggesting they would take matters into their own hands if they didn’t like what the courts were saying. Eventually, Davis’ legal team asked the group to back off; the last thing they needed was another reason for people to denounce conservatives.

Well, the Oath Keepers have a new item on their agenda. They’ll be showing up in Texas to protect the giant sign that says “Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins”:

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Pastor Douglas Wilson: “Christian Women Are a Lot Prettier” Than Other Women

No doubt breaking the hearts of women around the world, earlier this week, Pastor Douglas Wilson (below) declared that Christian women are simply prettier than “women in the general population.”

Devastated non-Christian women everywhere need not fear, however. There is a remedy!

If you want to be perceived as more attractive by Pastor Wilson and those who share his views, all you have to do is be a duly-shamed and submissive doormat.

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