Air Force Academy Dean of Faculty Tells Staff They Cannot Proselytize While Working

The United States Air Force Academy has not been a very pleasant place for non-Christian cadets. (It was only this past October when the phrase “So help me God” was made optional in the Honor Oath.)

But there was a major shift in the right direction yesterday when recently-appointed Brigadier General Andy Armacost (below) addressed the entire faculty and told them in no uncertain terms that they could not proselytize while on duty.

Once faculty member wrote to Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation to explain the details:

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Even Pat Robertson Thinks Ken Ham Is an Idiot

You know who else doesn’t think too highly of Young-Earth Creationist Ken Ham? This guy:

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The Nye-Ham Debate Was a Net Win for Science

I think the Bill Nye-Ken Ham debate (liveblogged by me and Hemant) turned out to be a net-win for science and reason. I know that many of us in the skepto-atheosphere disagree; that the debate put reality on the same plane as nonsense, or thought that Nye wasn’t up to the task of fully enlightening Ham or his audience. I understand and respect those criticisms, but I think they overlook what Nye really did accomplish.

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Florida Group’s Proposal to Put Atheist Monument Outside Levy County Courthouse Gets Rejected by Local Officials

Two weeks ago, I posted about how the Williston Atheists (in Florida) wanted to erect a pro-atheist monument outside the Levy County Courthouse where a Ten Commandments monument currently resides (see image below):

The group was modeling its efforts after what American Atheists did outside the Bradford County Courthouse in northern Florida last summer:

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On Facebook, Ray Comfort Demands Respect, Bans People for Mockery, Blasphemy, Not Capitalizing God

Banana king Ray Comfort has a new Facebook policy, revealed in a recent status update:

Immediate banning for cussing, mockery of Christians, blasphemy, mocking the Bible, libel of Ray, rudeness, or not giving “God” or “Jesus” caps. A lot of atheists have already been banned today for not giving “God” and “Jesus” caps. Old habits die hard.

One commenter was banned for responding “How pompous can you get?,” so Comfort means business.

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