Saying No to a Men-Only Debate

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Dan Barker recently accepted an invite to do a debate in Minnesota against a Catholic theologian as part of the “Argument Of The Month Club,” a forum for Catholic men. They covered his expenses and the debate was set for February 12th.

As Dan was looking at the group’s event page for the debate the other day, he noticed something weird:

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Christian Pastor: I Respect Your Atheist Billboard, So Respect My Nativity Scene on Government Property

The San Diego Coalition of Reason just put up their last billboard and, based on your comments, you all love it:

A local news channel has already reported on the message: [Read more...]

Anti-Muslim Ad Modeled After Atheist Ad Gets Rejected in Detroit

Pamela Geller (the reviled-for-good-reason critic of Islam and Muslim extremism) along with her American Freedom Defense Initiative are trying to put up a bus ad of their own in Detroit, a city home to hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

And she’s modeling it after the Detroit CoR’s ad:

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Lawrence Krauss: ‘The Purpose of Education is Not to Validate Ignorance but to Overcome It’

Physicist Lawrence Krauss, who recently suggested that math and science teachers ought to get paid more than other teachers, is back to talk about something many more of you may agree with: We should not validate ignorance in the classroom: … Somehow saying that, well, anything goes, we shouldn’t offend religious beliefs by requiring kids [Read More...]

Rapid City, South Dakota Wants to Keep Religious Invocations at City Council Meetings

In Rapid City, South Dakota, the City Council always begins meetings with an invocation delivered by a “local minister“:

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