South Carolina Legislators Propose Bill to Put “In God We Trust” Sign in Every Public School

A new bill currently in South Carolina’s House Committee on Education and Public Works, H. 4395, would force public schools to post the phrase “In God We Trust” in their lobbies. As if police cars, city council meeting spaces, and courtrooms weren’t enough.


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Deadpool on Track to Eclipse The Passion of the Christ as Highest Grossing R-Rated Movie Ever

Conservative Christians have already come up with plenty of reasons to hate the hit superhero movie Deadpool. You know, like the sex scene that wasn’t all about making babies (which apparently spells the end of civilization as we know it). And it being “Godless,” “lawless fantasy,” “debauched vulgarity” and a number of other descriptors that sound like they could be, but really aren’t, endorsements of the film.

Well, now they’ve got another one:


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Despite Supreme Court Ruling, Death with Dignity is Still Difficult to Obtain in Canada

Last year, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled (unanimously) that doctors could help terminally ill patients end their lives. The reality, however, is that public institutions still put up a variety of obstacles for doctors offering this service — which they’re legally allowed to do since the decision doesn’t go into effect until this summer.

In a brief video, Dying With Dignity Canada explains the responsibilities of taxpayer-funded hospitals:


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Texas Officials Are Alienating Non-Christians by Promoting Jesus Through the Government

Law professor Charles Silver has an excellent essay regarding the promotion of religion by government officials in Texas.

Rather than explain why their actions are unconstitutional, however, Silver takes a different approach. He talks about why promoting religion through the government makes Texas a less welcoming place for all those people who don’t belong to the majority faith (or any faith):


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A Brief Look at the Pros and Cons of Prayer in Public School

The Onion tackles the pros and cons of prayer in public school:


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