NFL Star Arian Foster Reminds Super Bowl Players They Don’t Have to Thank God After the Game

Arian Foster is the NFL star running back who came out as an atheist last year.

Now, in a video for Funny or Die, he offers the players in the Super Bowl some tips on how to conduct a post-game press conference.

It includes an all-important reminder that they don’t have to thank God for that game-winning touchdown:


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Paul Ryan’s National Prayer Breakfast Comments Highlight the Problem with Religious Republicans

Watching the National Prayer Breakfast as an atheist is really an act of masochism.┬áTo see the separation of Church and State made a mockery by national leaders is like nails on a chalkboard. So don’t worry — I did it for you.

Most of it was what we’ve come to expect from such affairs, but it was the comments made by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan this morning that truly highlighted the crux of the problem with the Religious Right and public office (32:40 – 36:40):


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Bernie Sanders: I’m Only Running for President Because of My “Very Strong Religious… Feelings”

Speaking in front of a New Jersey crowd Wednesday night, Senator Bernie Sanders was asked about his faith. It’s a pretty standard, even if irrelevant, line of questioning faced by presidential candidates. In a world of separation of church and state, a candidate’s religious holdings should have nada to do with the way they govern.


But Sanders, being Sanders, just had to go ahead and challenge that. He started off by deflating the atheists who were rooting for a secular candidate, saying:

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Christian Leader: Anti-Abortion Activists Should Be Cleared of Crimes as Prosecution is Persecution

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that the Religious Right is never so enamored with enforcing the law as they are when they think they’ve caught Planned Parenthood breaking it — and never so over upholding law and order as when they find out their efforts to bring Planned Parenthood down were fraught with law-breaking.


I’m talking, of course, of the infamous (and highly misleading) Planned Parenthood “sting” videos that spawned a wave of investigations and efforts to defund the organization. The cries of criminal activity all came to naught, as both congressional hearings and a dozen individual state inquiries have failed to turn up evidence that Planned Parenthood broke the law. But it was worse for anti-abortion activists than utter failure.

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Construction Has Begun on the Largest Christian Cross in the U.S.

A 19-story-tall cross will soon become a reality in Corpus Christi, Texas. Supporters broke ground on the approximately $1,000,000 project over the weekend.

Because nothing tells Jesus “We love you” like a massive reminder of how He died.

This is a different giant cross. Because there can never be enough of them.

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