I Knew It! Jesus Is Full of Hot Air

This Easter, Sky Sail Balloons Inc. will be renting out this hot air balloon:

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Is Homosexuality Nature’s Way of Preventing Overpopulation? Of Course Not, Explains Richard Dawkins

For Darwin Day, Richard Dawkins answered questions about evolution for his viewers. The first one: “Is homosexuality nature’s population control?” (Spoiler: No.)

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Google’s Digital Truth Serum: Could a New Algorithm Cut Down on Internet Lies, Disinformation, and Woo?

It’s almost impossible to spend an hour traversing the Internet without coming across a hoax, a half-truth, or a bit of satire that others (never we, of course!) think is real. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spend hundreds of hours checking out and refuting such fare (Dutch boy, dike, you get the picture).

What if the bullshit sank to the bottom, floating way down the Google page ranking to a spot where we could still find it if if we wanted to, but where few would likely just chance upon it?

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Leonard Nimoy Redux: Mr. Spock Is Now Shown On Canadian Currency (via Pens and Sharpies Only)

Canadian Star Trek fans are not about to pass up an opportunity to honor Leonard Nimoy, a.k.a. Mr. Spock, who died on Friday.

His death sparked various memes worldwide including a group of Canadians who began “spocking” their five dollar bills. “Spocking” [means] drawing over the official image of former Canadian Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier. The Laurier image is being defaced with Spock’s signature bowl hairstyle, pointed Vulcan ears, and upslanted eyebrows.


And after:

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Seven More Atheist Billboards Are Up in Chicago

Last December, the Chicago chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation put up 11 billboards throughout the city featuring local atheists (including myself). Three more billboards, featuring groups of people, went up in January.

And now there are seven more billboards showcasing proud local atheists:

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