Answering 5 Basic Misconceptions About Evolution

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses 5 basic misconceptions about evolution.


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Podcast Ep. 95: Jeffrey Tayler, Author and Salon Columnist

Our latest podcast guest is Jeffrey Tayler, an author and columnist at Salon, where he writes wonderful articles defending atheists and criticizing the Religious Right.

(Image credit: Tatyana Shchukina)

Tayler is also the Russia correspondent for the Atlantic. His latest book is called Topless Jihadis: Inside Femen, the World’s Most Provocative Activist Group.

I spoke with him about Salon‘s reputation for publishing just about anything criticizing atheists, what the public doesn’t understand about the New Atheists, and the impact religion will have on the 2016 elections.

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That Explains the Platypus!

Origin of Species Alternate FlattenedThumb

[Click image for full cartoon]

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Even Wrestling “Divas” Have Atheist Boyfriend Issues

Total Divas, the reality show about the women of the wrestling world, has an upcoming episode in which Rosa Mendes is freaking out because she’s about to introduce her atheist boyfriend to her parents. Good thing she can get advice from the Bella twins.


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More of Christopher Hitchens’ Best Comebacks

This is another excellent compilation of Christopher Hitchens‘ best arguments and comebacks.

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