Bigoted Christian Bakers, After Raising More Than $500,000 Online, Finally Pay $135,000 Fine

Melissa Klein and her husband Aaron are the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, a bakery in Portland, Oregon. They were in the news a lot earlier this year for refusing to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding, then releasing the couple’s information to the public, decisions that eventually cost them $135,000 in fines. They didn’t take a personal hit, however, as like-minded Christians donated more than $350,000 in one online fundraiser for them and more than $515,000 altogether.

Despite the windfall, they hadn’t paid the fine. And they also weren’t taking the proper steps to file an appeal, either. It was a gross violation of the law.

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Florida Activist Now Wants “In Satan We Trust” Signs in City Halls

Chaz Stevens, already busy this winter putting up Festivus poles around the country, has a new goal in mind for 2016: Wherever he sees elected officials putting up “In God We Trust” signs in city hall, he’s going to request they also put up an “In Satan We Trust” sign.

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The Dark Side of Turning Water Into Wine

What if Jesus made a mistake while turning water into wine…?

The Comedy Central show TripTank has the answer:

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Idaho Post Office Removes Nativity Scene Mural After Being Told It’s Illegal

Here’s the situation: A post office in Rupert, Idaho had a Nativity scene mural painted on its windows. The Freedom From Religion Foundation pointed out that’s illegal promotion of Christianity. The painting has since been removed.

Now the town is flipping out because, you know, “Freedom!”

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“JESUS Welcomes You to Hawkins” Sign is Still Causing Major Problems in Texas

It’s amazing how much trouble one sign can cause.

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