Judge Rules Against Atheists in Case Involving Nativity Scene Outside Indiana Courthouse

Back in December, I wrote about a Nativity Scene in Brookville, Indiana that had been up for over 50 years, despite warning letters (over the course of several years) from the Freedom From Religion Foundation to take it down.

The display, which was owned by the Town of Brookville, sat on the grounds of the Franklin County Courthouse.

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This Short Film About a Man Telling His Wife to Wear a Niqab in Public Has a Great Twist Ending

In a terrific short film called Farid in the West, a good-looking Middle Eastern man and his wife Nija move to a westernized country.

Before he heads out for a job interview, Farid reminds his wife not to go out in public without wearing her niqab. “I want people to see you for your mind, not as a piece of meat,” he tells her.

That doesn’t work out so well for either of them.

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Here’s Why the United States Isn’t a “Christian Nation”

YouTuber Counter Arguments unpacks the myth that the United States is a “Christian Nation“:

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The United Nations Defends Saudi Arabian Head of Human Rights Panel, with Good Reason

Earlier this week, media outlets began reporting that Faisal bin Hassan Trad, a representative from Saudi Arabia (of all places), had been appointed to a major leadership position for the United Nations’ Human Rights Council.

I repeat: Someone from a country known for its human rights abuses would now head up a panel for the Human Rights Council.

The panel Trad would head up has a lot of power when it comes to choosing human rights appointees anywhere in the world where the UN has a mandate.

The outrage was quick and harsh. You can understand why. After all, we’re talking about a nation that has killed more than 100 people this year alone, most by beheading. Ali Mohammed al-Nimr is also set to be beheaded and crucified very soon.

The wife of Raif Badawi, who is currently awaiting his 1,000-lashes punishment for insulting Islam, even said that the appointment was “a green light to start flogging [him] again.”

But in the past couple of days, we’ve received more information on what the United Nations was thinking.

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Kentucky School Board Discusses Putting “In God We Trust” Signs in Classrooms

In Kentucky, the Franklin County School Board was approached by a resident who wanted to offer teachers “In God We Trust” signs to hang in their classrooms.

They heard him out.. and then several board members did something shocking: They expressed their fervent support for church/state separation:

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