After Losing the Massachusetts Pledge Case, Would the Atheist Side Have Done Anything Differently?

David Niose (below) represented the plaintiffs in the recent case to stop the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in Massachusetts. The Supreme Judicial Court ruled against him, unfortunately, and yesterday, Niose reflected on whether he would have done anything differently:

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Sex-Crazed, Decadent Ruler of Brunei Imposes Sharia Law… But (Surprise!) Shows No Signs of Obeying It Himself

Last month, Brunei became the first Southeast Asian country to embrace Sharia law, courtesy of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, the country’s oil-rich Dear Leader.

That means that Brunei’s 415,000 citizens can now be fined, jailed, flogged, or disfigured for any of the following crimes (and then some):

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Pat Robertson: “You Have to be Deaf, Dumb, and Blind” to be a Young Earth Creationist

Every now and then, Pat Robertson gets it right, reaffirming that old adage about a stopped clock. On today’s 700 Club, Robertson set a man straight after he asked a strange question about the timeline of human evolution: … I appreciate the fact that you’re trying to grapple with it… the truth is, you have [Read More...]

What Happens When Two Pro-Life Atheists Attend a Christian Group’s Anti-Abortion Training Seminar?

Last month, two members of Secular Pro-Life (Ellen and Monica) attended a training session run by Christian anti-abortion group Justice For All. You can read their writeups on the event, but it might be more interesting to hear the exchange in the video below, moderated by JFA’s Josh Brahm:

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College Atheists Push Back Against Hateful Christian Preacher in Very Clever Ways

Brother Jed Smock, the notorious campus preacher who spouts fire and brimstone wherever he goes, made a visit to Boise State University in Idaho this week — and the campus’ Secular Student Alliance was ready for him.

They made their “Bigot Bingo!” cards (complete with a square marked “So-whore-ity sisters”):

They had a board where students could check whether they considered Smock’s diatribe hate speech or not:

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