This is What Cafeteria Christianity Looks Like

A while back, I posted an Atheist Voice video in which I posed 78 questions for Christians to think about.

Well, Christian YouTuber James Patrick Holding has started to answer them. And the only reason I’m posting them here is because of this screenshot:

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Rep. Louie Gohmert, Who Thinks Climate Change is a Hoax, Explains Why Atheists are Intellectual Inferior

Rep. Louie Gohmert, who makes Sarah Palin sound like she has a Ph.D., went to a Christian revival event last night and told the audience that atheists just don’t get it:

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Pro Tip: Don’t Make Nazi References in Your Vacation Bible School Promo Video

I know Vacation Bible School organizers aren’t looking to me for advice, but I’ll give it to them anyway:

Don’t make Nazi references in your promotional videos.

I don’t care if you’re against the Nazis. Just don’t bring it up. No swastikas. No Hitler. No imagery of military attacks. Just don’t do it. (And don’t bother with references to a TV show that’s more than 40 years old, either.)

Thankfully, the Tabernacle Baptist Church in New Mexico didn’t get the memo, so they left us with this gem. Let me walk you through it.

It’s for the church’s Vacation Bible School, which I guess takes place somewhere in mid-twentieth century war-ravaged Europe:

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Saying Hello from TAM 2014 and an Interview with James Randi

Hi all! This is Jessica. I’m back in Vegas at The Amazing Meeting 2014 to interview some amazing skeptics for your listening pleasure!

I’ll be live-blogging as many of the speakers as I can in between interviews. If you are at TAM, come say hello (I’ll be at the press table and/or wandering around like a lost puppy) and if you have any suggestions of people you’d love to hear on the podcast, you can tweet at me @blueburie!

In the mean time, here is a never-before-seen interview I did with James Randi from TAM 2013:

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The (Actual) Runner-Up Religion of America

Last month, the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies released a map showing the second-largest religious group in every state (after Christianity):

That surprised a lot of people — Islam? Buddhist? Baha’i? Who knew those were so popular?

There’s just one problem. That map completely ignores people without religion.

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