In the U.K., Channel 4 News Program Covers Up a Jesus and Mo Drawing With a Black Blob, to Avoid Giving ‘Offense’

Over the past two weeks, a political and media storm has been brewing in England — a tempest over a single-panel religious cartoon that is about as inoffensive as it gets.

This one:

The anonymous creator of Jesus and Mo typically presents the Muslim prophet and his Christian nemesis/sidekick in four-panel dialogs. Those dialogs are often sharp, the jokes tend toward the blasphemous (as befits an atheist comic strip), and some of the pictures could raise eyebrows as Jesus and Mo appear to be housemates who sleep in very close proximity.

It beggars belief that, with all that potentially contentious material for people to get upset over, the almost bland drawing above became a huge flashpoint. But it did, thanks to Muslims’ insistence that Mohammed may not be depicted at all, and thanks to Maajid Nawaz‘s innocuous tweet:

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American Atheists to Launch Super Bowl Billboard: A ‘Hail Mary’ Only Works in Football

With a few days to go before the Super Bowl, American Atheists is hoping to capitalize on the guaranteed media blitz by putting up a new digital billboard just outside of Metlife Stadium:

The ad, which will go up tomorrow, reads: “A ‘Hail Mary’ only works in football. Enjoy the game!”

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Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Who Gave Tonight’s State of the Union Rebuttal, Attended a Fundamentalist Christian College

If you saw the official Republican response to President Obama‘s State of the Union speech tonight, then you heard the pleasant-sounding Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) talk about her vision of America, her son with Down Syndrome, and her uplifting personal story. I thought the speech was pretty well done — heavy on emotion, light on substance, free of gaffes. It was kind of like what Republicans expected, but never got, out of Sarah Palin.

But the most interesting thing you may not know about Rodgers is that she attended Pensacola Christian College.

Why is that a big deal?

PCC may be the most fundamentalist Christian schools in the country, rivaling places like Patrick Henry College and Liberty University.

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The Connection Between Christian Missionaries and Anti-Gay Legislation in Africa

Gay Clark Jennings, writing for Faith Street, draws a line connecting Christian missionaries to the rampant homophobia taking place in some African countries:

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Why is Facebook Censoring Pages Created by Romanian Atheists?

A few days ago, several Facebook groups for Romanian atheists and agnostics, including two that were parody pages about God and Jesus Christ, were shut down without warning to any of their administrators. Some of them are simply inaccessible to Romanians while available in other countries — it’s unclear whether that’s Facebook’s doing or that of Romanian Internet service providers. Combined, these pages had upwards of 100,000 Likes/followers.

There’s reason to believe the censorship stems from Patriarch Daniel, the leader of the Romanian Orthodox Church, who may have been upset about this image posted to the “God” parody page:

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