Conservative School Board Members in Arizona Don’t Want Students to See This Page in Their Honors Biology Textbooks

The board members of the Gilbert Public Schools in Arizona voted 3-2 last week to remove a page from an honors biology textbook because it contains information about birth control and abortion.

Sure, it says “Complete abstinence (avoiding intercourse) is the only totally effective method of birth control,” but since it suggests that there may be other options, it’s heresy to conservatives, including Natalie Decker of the Alliance Defending Freedom who persuaded the board members to excise the section.

I guess the only solution now, besides voting those board members out of office at the next possible opportunity, is to make sure that page is as widely available as possible…:

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CBS News Interviews U.K. Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary About Recruiting for ISIS, a Charge He Unconvincingly Denies

One week after taping the CBS TV interview embedded below, firebrand preacher Anjem Choudary was arrested “on suspicion of being a member of a proscribed or banned organization… and encouraging terrorism.” Choudary, a well-known Muslim provocateur and lawyer who we’ve featured on this blog before, was in the company of his protegé Abu Rumaysah, an ex-Hindu who somehow turned into one of the most implacable Muslim fundamentalists you’ll ever see in front of the cameras (watch the footage below).

Writes Griff Witte of the Washington Post:

Counterterrorism officials and experts say Choudary and the many shadowy groups he has fronted have directly contributed to the indoctrination of dozens of people who have gone on to plan or commit attacks in the United Kingdom.

That includes last year’s shocking butchery of British soldier Lee Rigby, a murder carried out by two men under Choudary’s ideological influence.

[Choudary's] network… has also become a vital facilitator in the flow of some of the thousands of Europeans who have swarmed to the battlefields of Iraq and Syria, and who could return to carry out attacks in the West.

Choudary is an eager self-promoter who clearly longs to be seen as having out-strategized and outwitted a string of politicians, journalists, and law enforcement officials. Maybe his lucky streak has now come to an end; he will stand trial in January.

There are no guarantees, though. He strikes me as smart enough to have plausible deniability about what he’s being charged with, possibly having stayed on the right side of British law… but clearly skating within a hair’s breadth of illegality time upon time.

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Atheist Grandparents Get Noah’s Ark Display Removed from Delaware Playground

If you visited Norma B. Handloff Park in Newark, Delaware last week, you would’ve seen this display telling the biblical story of Noah’s Ark:

If that seems out of place at a public park… that’s because it is.

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Author at Christian Post Warns That Secularists Are Waging War on Religion… and Offers Four Piss-Poor Examples

Apparently, if you’re an evangelical Christian,

You have been marked, and you have been classified as a dangerous extremist.

Don’t look now, but there’s the Christian persecution complex rearing its head again.

Under the headline “Secularism Declares Open War On Religious Faith,” Michael Brown (below) at the Christian Post warns his fellow Jesus followers that atheists are out to get them, and he starts by saying

secularism has been waging war against religion for centuries.

Don’t you think you might have that backwards, professor?

Then Brown gives four examples of how atheists are waging outright war on faith. Curiously enough, he doesn’t seem to give a damn about any of the other major religions that we have to fight back against; only Christianity is worth mentioning.

Fine. Let’s take a look then. Here’s Brown’s case:

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Should Atheists Vote on Election Day?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses whether atheists should vote on Election Day (or whether it’s more strategic to sit out unless politicians pay attention to us):

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