New Atheist Billboard Campaign Shows That It’s Not Just Mormons Who Live in Utah

A new billboard campaign from American Atheists, in anticipation of their upcoming national convention, attempts to show Utahns that Mormons aren’t the only game in town:

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French Muslims Find a Loophole To Sue Charlie Hebdo For Blasphemy

As all atheists know, blasphemy is a victimless crime (it’s a joke, people!), but tell that to the hopping mad French Muslims who are suing the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo over this cover, which reads: “The Qur’an is crap; it doesn’t stop bullets.”

The website of the National Secular Society explains:

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This Pastor’s in Trouble with His Church for Supporting the LGBT Community but Atheists Are Coming to His Defense

Last week, for a local newspaper, Rev. Seth Pickens wrote a brief list of reasons he supports the LGBT community:

2. Some want to get married, and some don’t; go figure. They also bleed red if you cut them.

3. With the bullying and hate many face, they qualify as an oppressed people. Christians support oppressed people.

7. Homosexual behavior is documented in many species of animals; maybe some are just born that way.

8. As much respect as I have for the soul of animals, I have even more respect for human beings.

I have a couple of complaints about the list, but on the whole, it’s quite a breath of fresh air compared to what we usually see from pastors. Yet that simple list got him in a lot of trouble with his church community. (It probably didn’t help matters that he performed a wedding ceremony for a lesbian couple last year.)

At Religion Dispatches, Sikivu Hutchinson tells the story of why she and some of her atheist friends are supporting him as he goes through this ordeal at church:

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AC Grayling’s The God Argument is Now Available in Paperback

In case you haven’t read it yet, philosopher AC Grayling‘s book The God Argument: The Case Against Religion and for Humanism is available in paperback beginning today:

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New Jersey Catholics Start Sending Empty Donation Envelopes After Learning of Archbishop’s Lavish 7,500 Sq. Ft. Pad

When news of Archbishop John J. Myers‘ extravagant weekend and vacation home leaked out last month — renovations include a 3,000 square feet addition and a second pool — many Catholics in the Newark Archdiocese were disgusted.

Now, some are saying they will no longer contribute to the archdiocese, at least for now. But rather than withholding their contribution in silence, they’ve hit upon a pretty neat grassroots idea to stress their displeasure in a way that the padres will notice. They’re still be sending in the customary donation envelopes, but the envelopes will contain… nothing.

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