Only a Weird, Cherry-Picked Version of the Data Shows That Religion Is Uniformly Good For Kids

Does religion poison everything, per Christopher Hitchens?

W. Bradford Wilcox (below), director of the University of Virginia’s National Marriage Project and a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, begs to differ, he writes in the Washington Post.


On average, religion is a clear force for good when it comes to family unity and the welfare of children — the most important aspects of our day-to-day lives.

Wilcox is careful not to attack secularists, and readily sums up some points that bolster our case, not his:

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Is Wearing a Hijab Really the Best Way to Show Support for Oppressed Muslim Women?

Last week, Wheaton College Professor Larycia Hawkins was suspended for saying Muslims and Christians believed in the same God. She did that in a Facebook post in which she also wore a hijab to show solidarity with Muslims.

Several students at the college later boosted her message by wearing hijabs of their own during their flights home for winter break. This form of activism is only the most recent in which hijabs are worn in support of what Muslims are facing.

But in a powerful piece for the Washington Post, Asra Q. Nomani (you remember her) and Hala Arafa argue that putting on a hijab to show support for oppressed Muslims, while admirable in spirit, is precisely what we shouldn’t be doing.

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Somehow, a Kickstarter Project to Protect You from Spooky “Signals” is Nearing Its Funding Goal

Have you ever heard how signals are harmful?

What signals, you ask? All sorts of signals. Wi-fi signals. Microwave signals. Cell phone signals. Electromagnetic waves. They’re evil.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had a shield to protect me”?

Well, you haven’t, because you know that’d be a bullshit claim.

But a lot of gullible people have, and someone’s trying to take advantage of them on Kickstarter, where two guys who won’t even tell you their names have already raised more than $13,000 of their $20,000 goal to create “Shield: The World’s First Signal Proof Headwear“:

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Richard Dawkins Appears Onstage During Sold-Out Nightwish Concert

Earlier this year, the Finland-based symphonic metal band Nightwish released their new album, drawing inspiration from the natural world and the work of Richard Dawkins. Dawkins actually appeared on the album as a narrator for two of the songs.

At a sold out concert in London’s Wembley Arena Friday night, Dawkins was brought onstage to do a brief reading — and the crowd went wild:

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If Jesus Was “Ransom,” What Does That Make God?

Daniel Midgley teases out the implications of Mark 10:45, in which Jesus is considered a “ransom” for mankind:

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