If Donald Trump Can’t Condemn an Islamophobic Man, What Does It Say About the GOP?

In the most jaw-dropping moment I’ve seen in a campaign full of them, a man at a Donald Trump rally yesterday asked the Republican frontrunner when we’re going to fix the biggest problem in America:

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After Violating Church/State Separation, Norfolk State University Fixes the Problem in the Best Way

It’s not every day when a group guilty of violating church/state separation fixes the problem immediately and thoroughly, and then goes out of its way to do even more than what was requested in the first place.

It happened at Norfolk State University, a public school in Virginia, where they’re holding a Prayer Breakfast this morning. The Freedom From Religion Foundation explains:

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It Took 7 Miles of Nevada Desert to Create This Scale Model of the Solar System

I think this beats out all those models of the solar system we made out of styrofoam balls and toothpicks:

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Was It Fair for a Student-Run Campus Newspaper to Reject Ads from Creationist Groups?

In order to promote a Creationist conference that was held at Boise State University last weekend, three organizations approached the student newspaper on campus, The Arbiter, in order to purchase advertising.

Creation Summit Inc., the Northwest Science Museum, and Engage Truth were willing to pay whatever the price was… but the students running the newspaper rejected the ads:

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It’s Not Disrespectful to Remain Seated During the Pledge of Allegiance

How many teachers and administrators still don’t understand how the Pledge of Allegiance works?

No student has to say it or stand up for it, and not participating in the ritual doesn’t make you unpatriotic or disrespectful. And yet the stories of schools where kids get punished by ignorant teachers are all over the place.

These cases are all in my inbox today:

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